Friday, August 23, 2013


As this photo clearly shows, Brielle is absolutely distraught over Raya being gone to school every morning. She simply hates being an only child (and she despises having her picture taken)

So far this morning we've watched Dora, ate goldfish, played hide-n-seek, read books, played memory, and she's helped me clean.

As much as I miss Raya, she's having a ball at school and it certainly is nice to experience Brielle as an only child. Raya had me all to herself for 19 months before Brielle was born, and now Brielle will have a similar opportunity which is really nice. Since I'm planning to go back to work next school year I am thankful to get to know my "baby" a little better this year! :-)


  1. What a fun time for just you and Brielle!

  2. its fun to have that one on one time with the second child. Keira gets excited when Kaylee goes to school and the baby goes to sleep cause she gets mommy to herself

  3. What a great gift for you and her!!

  4. Yup, def. see all of that in her. She looks like such an unhappy child. ;0) Glad you get to spend that special time with her, enjoy!!

  5. It's great that you and Brielle are getting one on one time =) And of course, her outfit is adorable!

  6. She really does look distraught, haha!

    I always think it's so much fun to have one-on-one time with the girls. They are totally different children when they are by themselves.

  7. Love my pretty pretty Brielle!!!!
    Grama F


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