Sunday, August 25, 2013

Final Potty Training Update

Ok, so as most of you probably have figured out, potty training is different for every child! I had hoped that maybe having experience potty training Raya would make it that much easier to potty train Brielle, but alas the old saying holds true---"every child is different!"

I figured I should update everyone on our potty training adventure since it is finally DONE!

You may remember that back in the spring (I think) I started potty training Brielle b/c she was going potty most of the time when I sat her on it, and she seemed to be disliking wearing her dirty diapers, etc. She turned 2 in January so it was a pretty good time to think about potty training. I set aside a weekend and we peed on the floor a lot and went through many outfit changes lol. But by the end of the weekend she had started telling me *before* she went that she needed to go---progress! I decided we weren't looking back.

After a few more days she was doing pretty good (I hadn't attempted night training or leaving the house, but at home she was staying mostly dry, with maybe 1-2 accidents a day.). Then by the end of the week I was basically calling her day trained...she was doing great!

Fast forward 2 weeks and she lost interest. She stopped telling me she needed to go....even though she had proven she was capable she just wasn't doing it. I refused to buy diaper again but we did pull ups for the first half of the summer or so ....she was really hit or miss.

Then she started doing pretty good again, without much prompting from me. She was wearing panties at home and we were doing pull ups when we left the house and at night. So then I started to do "band aid training" lol...and she earned a Dora bandaid every morning (her obsession) and she kept it all day as long as she was dry. If she had an accident I took it off and threw it away....torture for her! haha. This really seemed to be the last kick-in-the-butt that she needed :-)

And so then finally, earlier this month we went on vacation for an extended weekend. I did pull ups the whole time and used the bandaids, but over those 4+ days she never once peed in her pull up, not even at night! So when we got back home on Aug. 11th I decided we were going 100% more pull ups! And no more bandaid rewards! And guess what?


We are officially, OFFICIALLY, potty trained. Even at night (never one accident!) and even when we are gone all day long (she always remembers to ask to use the potty, even when she's playing somewhere really fun).

I'm super proud of her....good job Brielle!

Just think of all the clothes we can get now with all that diaper money we are saving ;-)


  1. Yay Brielle!!! And to think...I get to start thinking about potty training all over again in a couple of years! ha! =)

    1. Lucky you lol...pretty sure potty training ranks right up there with morning sickness and colic and to top reasons why this baby shop is closed ;-)

  2. Yay! We are officially potty trained as of last week too! That extra $40 is going to come in handy for sure!

  3. Good job Brielle. Keira is potty trained but she still wears a pull up at night. Yay for spending diaper $ on new clothes!

  4. YAY! Way to go Brielle! Wil is 100% potty trained too we still put a pull up on at night just in case and we bought a big box when we first started for naps & bedtime - which we have barely used because since they are try we use them again and again but it has been a good while now since an accident. So many cute clothes out there to buy ;)I love her dress in the above picture btw! I look forward to being diaper free in this house but at the same time I don't want my baby to grow too fast haha.

  5. Yaaaay! I am so happy for ALL of you :) I'm super nervous for potty training days. I'm really going to have to dig deep to find the patience for that!

  6. Great job girlie! We are working on it too and these have been very helpful! :o)

  7. Way to go Brielle!
    I'm so jealous your diaper days are officially over!

  8. Way to go my pretty pretty Brielle!!!!!
    Grama F

  9. yay Brielle!!! She's still so young, too - she did great and so do you!!

    My 2 year and 2 month old has waxing and waning interest, so we're not going there yet!


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