Saturday, August 17, 2013

Grant's Farm and City Museum

Ok, back to the vacation photos! I have a lot to share so I'll just get right to it :-)

On this day we did Grant's Farm in the morning and City museum in the evening. I didn't know what to expect at Grant's Farm because I had never been there, but it was very cool! You immediately get on a tram type ride and it takes you through the deer park, etc. The buffalo were crazy and running right along our tram, I thought they were going to run into us!!! After the drive through park they drop you off and a section you can walk around in. Lee's favorite part were all the free Budweiser drinks they give you there, ha! The girls loved feeding the goats. After that section the tram takes you back to the entrance, were all the famous Budweiser Clydesdales are. Fun place, and it's free!

Getting read to leave the hotel for the day...horrible pic, but figured I'd share anyways lol

Raya was "reading" the map and found the picture of the flamingos...she kept telling us we HAD to go there first! lol
View from the tram ride
This is how close the buffalo got when the were RUNNING along side the tram!!! Here the herd cut off the tram as we were going through a gate entrance...the tram had to stop so they didn't plow us over lol

Once inside the walking part we were able to feed the goats bottles!

Washing off the goat germs ;-)

We ended up getting a stroller to rent there because Brielle was being a little whiny after two busy vacation days in a row

They had some fun animal shows to watch


Dippin' Dots! ....while Daddy drank his free beer lol

This is a picture I took of a picture we got there, so forgive the poor quality lol. They took this as we entered the park (Wish Lee would have taken off his sunglasses---I didn't even notice at the time!)

Grandma on this picture to make it bigger....this is the one where Raya's face remind me of a preschool age John for some reason!

Then we headed to the area with the Clydesdales.....


A Clydesdale named Lee!

We let the girls pick out horses....funny story, Raya is in the store and says "What's my horse's name?!" so I read the tag on it and said "It says her name is Butterscotch!" Raya says "awww, that's such a pretty name, I love Butterscotch!"

So then of course *Brielle* says "What's my horses' name?" .....I look and say "Dale."  Seriously it's name is Dale! lol. Brielle loves the name though. I tried suggesting something cute like "Brownie" but she likes Dale!

Later that night we went to the City Museum! If you have never been there it's hard to explain. It's not really a "museum" like with paintings,'s like this giant pile of steel and junk outside that is like a big modern sculpture....that you climb through! It's like 4 stories high and everywhere you look people are crawling all over, going down 3 story (and higher!) slides, etc. The girls were probably too little really....I'd say it's perfect for elementary, middle, and even high school students! They stay open until midnight or something on weekends and I actually saw tons of high school/college age groups coming in as we were leaving.

This picture is not mine---I borrowed it from online to show the outside part. We went all the way up to that plane!

This isn't my pic either....this is one section inside---on the right (yellow) is an example of a slide....we went down that one. We didn't go through the wire tubes (in the center there) b/c the girls were too little.

Not my picture either....shows more inside stuff!

 Ok, now on to MY pictures. This is the room that was for kids ages 6 and under, so we spent a lot of time here :-)

They had cool ball pits all over

They had a train ride inside that the girls loved. It was free too, which was nice.

Going down one of the tube slides!

Up in the airplane, like 4 stories high lol

Lee and the girls climbed through the tail of the plane, over the a castle!

My view from the plane

They made it to the castle!

This is not my pic either...but on the very top of the roof of this place is all this! A school bus sticking over the edge, a ferris wheel, etc.! It's way higher than we went, and costs extra money to access up there. We'll definitely do that in the future!!! The girls were getting tired so we had to leave before we made it up there.


  1. How cool! That museum looks a little high to me, I think I'd be a little nervous! haha

  2. Cute pictures. That museum looks like so much fun

  3. Isn't that museum WILD? We went there a couple of months ago... I hate heights, so not the best place for me, but Brian took the kids up! Their aquarium is really neat, too, but costs extra... but, def. check it out next time.

  4. great photos - that museum looks awesome!

  5. that museum looks awesome! not so sure I would love it (i don't do heights well) but im positive my husband would haha that raya wore a horse shirt too cute!

  6. Wow! What fun!! I have read about Grant's Farm looks so awesome! I will have to put that on our must see list! ;) And that museum?! SO neat!!

    Your girls are adorable.

  7. I agree, this looks awesome, I'd like to go and play!!!!!
    Love, Grama F


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