Friday, August 30, 2013


Just a quick update today....I have been running Raya back and forth to preschool this morning, took Brielle to gymnastics while Raya was gone, now we are doing a quick lunch before Brielle's doctor appt. (I think she has another ear infection), and then it's a quick nap before Raya's dance class, and then we are hitting the road for Illinois for the big family reunion on Lee's side with all his extended family....and aunt megan, uncle shawn, and my nephew Ryan are back! Should be a fun holiday weekend, which we will then wrap up on Monday with my niece Harper's 3rd birthday party. Phew....I'm tired just typing all that haha :-)

But anyways, Brielle's first gymnastics class was today---she's in the tot class for ages 18m-3years....and it's a mommy and me sorta thing where I lead her through the stations.

She was too shy to sing the welcome song but she did do a few of the stretches. But then when it was time to do stations she did awesome....she pretty much left the other kids in her dust haha. She was even the only student who could hang upside down on the rings and then do a summersault off of them. She also walked the balance beam, did hopscotch, did pull ups on the bar (with some help) did summersaults down various padded ramps, jumped on the trampoline, etc. Fun stuff!

Hope everyone has a fantastic holiday weekend!


  1. I used to do gymnastics as a little girl =) Such great memories! I bet Brielle loved her class, sounds like she did! Have a good weekend!

  2. You have a busy weekend ahead of you! But have fun and enjoy family =) And too funny about Brielle and gymnastics! Maybe she and Emma will compete together in the 2024 summer olympics! HA! =)

  3. Have fun! The girls want to do gymnastics too. :)

  4. Awesome! Gymnastics is such a cool sport. We need better/more programs for it here!


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