Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Harper is (almost) THREE!

I meant to do another vacation post today but didn't have time to get anything together, so instead here are a few quick photos I took of my niece Harper today. She will normally be coming on Tuesdays this year (her mom started teaching today and Sawyer is in Kindergarten this year).

Harper turns 3 on Sept. 2nd and Emily asked if I'd make her a bday outfit to go with her Pinkalicious theme (I gave her a Pinkalicious book awhile back and she loves it I guess---so they are doing that for her theme.).

I decided to make a cupcake shirt with tulle frosting (since the book is all about pink cupcakes!) and put a cherry on top....and then put a #3 on the back of the shirt. Found the skirt at Kohls and the hair pretty was Rayas.

Then after making the shirt today I was ambitious and decided to take her in the front yard for an impromptu birthday photoshoot. It was quick and not my best work, but it works :-) I printed off an 8x10 for Emily to display at the party as well. She is too cute!  (And Brielle was quite upset that I didn't make her a cupcake shirt too---there was a 20 minute long tantrum about that lol)

Enjoy! And happy early birthday Miss Harper! (Yes Grandma Donna, I will print you some haha)

(If you click on these to enlarge them they show up in better quality for some reason)


  1. So cute! And I love how you put the 3 on the back! I never would have thought of that!!

  2. LOVE!!!!!!!! You knew exactly what I was going to say!!!Love,Grama F


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