Saturday, August 3, 2013

I love leave :-P

This morning the girls went to IL with Lee, so I have a couple days to myself! Originally I was going to keep them, because Lee was going back home to help a friend with his car and to plant a food plot for future deer hunting, but then we found out the girls' BFF Brynley was going to be around and Lee's mom was fine with them coming back, so Lee ended up taking them.

Today I did lots of cleaning and also got groceries---nice to get some things done without the girls around!

You can all thank Brynley's mom, Terri, for taking a few pictures today of the girls though---tonight they took the girls to a local event and she said the girls were having fun being back together. I just love that you can tell Brielle really thinks she's hot stuff hanging out with the "big girls" hehe.

Thanks for these Terri!

Aren't they the cutest?

Brielle in the back makes me laugh! LOL


....and here are the "what they wore" pics I took before they left

Children's Place



  1. Lucky, I'm jealous you get a few days to yourself. Enjoy!!

  2. I am super jealous of your break too! And, I love Brielle in all these, because you can tell she loves it!

  3. I bet the girls are having a blast, and lucky you for getting a break! =) Enjoy your time =)

  4. Ah, so nice to have a few days alone!


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