Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Lee's parenting handbook

This morning Lee couldn't find his phone, so he told the girls he'd pay them each $1 if they could find it. They did.

Then he was annoyed this morning because he couldn't find a match for his black socks. (You see, the rule in my house is that I'll wash the socks and put them in your drawer, but if you want them all matched up and folded nicely then you can do it yourself! I don't have patience for something that tedious lol.). So Lee told the girls he'd pay them $5 if they folded all of his black socks today....

She took it very seriously :-P

Considering that I heard Lee promise the girls $6 before I even got out of bed this morning I decided it was time for real chore charts and allowances. $6 a day is out of our price range to maintain! haha

I printed off these free chore sheet online...princess for Raya and Dora for Brielle. I decided for now that their daily chores would be:

*Make bed
*Get dressed and brush teeth
*No timeouts
*Mommy's choice
*Daddy's choice

(the mommy/daddy choice is so that we can ask them to do random chores (like fold socks LOL).

We will add a couple more down the road, but this seems like a good start. If they earned all 5 stickers every day they'd have 35 at the end of the I set their goal at 30 in order to earn a reward for "allowance".

Thankfully at this age they didn't demand a monetary amount. I figure if they earn it then I'll let them pick a reward---icecream cone at Dairy Queen, small toy, download new book on Nook, etc.

She can't earn a sticker for no timeouts until she goes to bed!!
So far, so good for Raya. She loves the chart and is a totally goodie goodie haha.

Brielle got a sad face on her chart today, instead of a sticker for "no timeouts" because she was in timeout like 10 times haha. She's been quite a handful the last few days---perhaps adjusting to our new preschool/ fall schedule.

To end, our "what they wore" segment...Raya in Naartjie and Brielle in Etsy/custom

P.S.  (Related to Lee losing his phone this morning and starting this whole thing) Lee is completely ADHD and always losing things. Well, at preschool Raya has been making "books"....basically a lot of scribbles that she then translates for us. She made Brielle one about a monkey eating a banana, a princess one for me, etc.
Lee complained that he didn't get one so the next day Raya brought one home for him. He asked what it was about and she said, "It's about you, forgetting your shoes. You didn't know where your shoes were! Or your phone! Or your clothes! You were just naked and didn't know where anything was..."
I couldn't stop laughing. Lee was completely annoyed at her calling him out too. He said, "you didn't happen to tell your *teacher* what this story was about, did you?"
LOL it. She has him pegged!


  1. I'm with you there on the socks thing! But how funny that Raya folded them! Haha
    Cute post!! =)

  2. It is good to start your kids to learn household chores at a young age. When they grow a little older, they'll be more stubborn to follow the chore schedule. You did a great job at helping them start out. I should use that strategy with my kid once she gets older.

  3. I hate matching and folding socks too, so annoying.
    I'm gonna have to do a chore chart for my girls, they are old enough.
    Love raya's story about lee that's funny

  4. Is it bad I can't wait to start doing chore charts?! I could use an extra set of hands helping me with laundry.
    I'm dying over Raya's story. Bahahahaha!!!

  5. I need to start a chore chart with hudson! A few weeks ago I printed off a bedtime routine list and it has been the saving grace in our bedtime routine lol. Where did you print off the chore charts at?

    also...LOVE rayas story haha kids can be so brutally honest!

    1. I don't remember the exact website...I just googled "preschool chore charts" and it came up as one of the first sites :-)

  6. Haha! That book is hilarious!!

    And love the outfits, per usual :)

  7. Fantastic!!! Justin is just like him. Loses everything! We are currently looking for his wallet!

  8. I just read this to Shawn and he laughed so hard, probably because he can relate. Absolutely hilarious.

  9. Socks-total waste of time! Joe gets so annoyed because I always mismatch his. :-)


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