Thursday, August 15, 2013

Modeling School

This is a P.S. to my post from last night :-)

As I said last night, Harper will be with us once a week this school year again. 

Considering that she will typically be here on Tuesdays (Trendy Tot Tuesdays!) I thought maybe the girls should let her join our modeling school (aka. Mama will bribe you with your daily multivitamin to take a daily picture of your attire lol)

So I started with Raya, thinking that she would be a great one to show Harper the best poses...


And then Brielle gets up there....and Miss Sassypants get her modeling grove on---that's my girl!


....and by this time Miss Harper is feeling confident...


She nailed it. LOL. .....We'll keep working on her! ;-)

And now a couple more random outfit pics that haven't been shared yet---the girls change during the day all the time---if they get a drop of water on their shirt they insist on changing :-P  We're working on stopping that, b/c mama is tired of laundry.

Children's Place

Children's Place



Looking forward to a fun year with cousin Harper!

Here a fb status from yesterday, b/c I don't want to forget it:

Now with Sawyer in Kindergarten (so sad!) I only have Harper once a week this year. However I already love listening to the girls play together--the stuff they say is hilarious! ...but there is no doubt which one is NOT my child. Currently Harper is playing the role of mom---she just told my girls "I am putting on my running shoes...and you guys are going to the nursery so I can work out!" .....when my girls play mom it usually involves Starbucks and getting cookies for a treat lol

Back tomorrow with vacation pics...I promise :-)


  1. I spy a band aid on Brielle's arm. Did she earn that one? :)
    Oh my gosh, the banter between the girls is hilarious! However, the Starbucks version is my favorite.

  2. So cute! They make great models. Can I send my toddler your way so they can show her how to pose? All I get from her is a head turn, foot stop, and stern no when I ask her to say cheese. :(

    1. I have been taking their picture each morning for so long that they don't even question's like brushing their teeth lol....they just know we get dressed, take a picture, and then they get their daily vitamin haha. I'm in trouble when they start talking to their friends and realizing that not everyone does a photoshoot after breakfast ;-)

  3. Oh my word! Their poses… They are so adorable! And that denim jumper that Raya is wearing is super cute!

  4. They do so well! Love it. Cute girls


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