Friday, August 23, 2013

My Etsy shop is opening again!

Well, after a long summer break and focusing on my photography I am ready to get back into the swing of things with my Etsy shop :-) After the holiday weekend my Etsy shop will be reopening!

To jump start things I'm offering a back-to-school special for my facebook fans. (If you haven't yet "liked" my facebook Etsy page please go HERE and do so!)

The limited time special I'm offering is for my ever popular initial shirts. Right now I'm offering them for only $12 shipped!!! (Or $10 local pick up). These are very popular with young kids....Raya can't wait to wear hers to school! They also make a wonderful baby gift (I have onesies) or would be a fun addition to a superhero costume this Halloween (just add a cape!).

If you are interested in ordering just message me through my facebook page. You can pay with Paypal. I can pretty much do any color scheme---just let me know what you are thinking!

And because my marketing strategy is to show you my adorable child rocking her initial shirt, here you go!

I got this little button up at Target for back-to-school---just shows you how versatile these initial shirts are!

Now I dare you to tell me your child doesn't NEED one of these shirts! haha :-)

Happy Weekend everyone....enjoy it!  (And don't miss my other update from earlier today...)


  1. I totally love these shirts. And I am definitely going to order one with an "E" and one with an "A" for Emma and Alyx. I think Emma will love the fact that they will have matching shirts =)

  2. You have the cutest models. :-)

    Love the fabric on her "R"!

  3. Love these! The fabric for hers is gorgeous. If only it was in my budget for two - one for Harper and one for Wil haha.

  4. How cute! Now I just need a little one! lol

  5. I LOVE that purple fabric!!!

  6. Raya just loves posing!!!!!


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