Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Raya's first day of preschool!!! 2013

Well you guys, it's finally here. Raya's big day---preschool day!

We got beautified this morning, broke out the new backpack, and did our yearly photoshoot for the first day. She answered the same interview questions from last year. We got to school early to play on the playground with her soon to be BFFs. She found her coat hook, washed her hands, and picked an activity table to start her day. She said goodbye, scoffed at my attempt to kiss her goodbye (apparently she's grown now and we don't do that in public lol). I picked her up, she told me about her day, Brielle and I gave her some gifts to celebrate her big day (because I never pass up an opportunity to spoil!), and we had a first day lunch at Subway.

I think preschool is as far as Raya needs to go---Mama doesn't want to think about Kindergarten!

My baby, she's growing up....

(Click photo to enlarge you can ready it easier :-)

We went with a printed chambray dress from Old Navy for our first day....I thought it was a classic choice that wouldn't be too over-the-top in our small town school district haha. She looked so sweet. Backpack, embroidered with her name, is from Garnet Hill.

This was her first day picture from LAST YEAR....look at how little she was! :-)

And while Raya was at school Miss Brielle kept telling me "I go to 'nastics!!"  (Gymnastics) ...I'm still trying to get her to understand that she only goes *once* a week, and not every day that Raya is gone haha. She starts next Friday! To appease her I took her to Target to pick out some 'nastics attire.

You guys, I swear that her little butt in a gymnastics leotard is the absolute cutest thing my eyes have ever seen! ;-)

It's really hard to find a 2t leotard this is a 4/5 from the big girl section and thankfully it's tight and stretchy...we made it work! I thought about ordering something online but honestly, I don't care for the look of gymnastics leotards haha. Why do that all have to look like they are from the 80s and 90s? :-P So this was actually one of the better patterns I had seen, and cheaper since it was Target. Win win.

That butt, I die :-)   We got the matching skirt cover-up as well!

And one more, because we can't wear the same one every week lol. The star is bedazzled with colorful "jewels" ...she loved it. Here she is doing her gymnastics jumps and spins ;-)

Raya in preschool, Brielle starting gymnastics---a couple of BIG GIRLS here at our house today!


  1. It's like we have the same children :) Lidia starts preschool on Sept 3rd, and Carly starts gymnastics too!

  2. All 3 of us mamas are thinking the same. Kaylee starts
    Preschool August 26 and Keira starts gymnastics in September!

  3. Look how much Raya has grown since last year! Crazy! Love the choice of outfit for the first day too =) And Brielle's leo's are too cute! I bet she is going to LOVE gymnastics!!

  4. I can't believe how much Raya has grown!! Those pictures are too much for me looking back on Emma's!
    LOve Brielle's duds!

  5. So funny Wil is starting Preschool on the 10th of Sept & I'm signing Harper up for gymnastics as soon as she is big enough hopefully the first of the year since she turns one TOMORROW :-/ I love Brielle's leotards especially the 2nd one :)

  6. So stinking cute! I cannot believe how much Raya has changed since last year! And Brielle is rocking those leotards!

  7. I can't believe how much Raya changed over the year. Love the little questionnaire! Sounds like Miss Raya is going to be a painter when she grows up. :)

  8. Sounds like a perfect start to the year! She looks adorable!

  9. Oh gosh. They are both adorable and she really has grown since last years preschool photo! I love that chambray dress and I also love Brielles gymnastic outfits. Autumn wants to be a Mama when she grows up, too! :)

  10. Big girls! Hope the first day went well.

  11. So cute! Hope the first day was great. My boys start in two weeks and they (I) can't wait!

  12. Look at her striking that pose! It will be so cute the first time she just does it at preschool for her teacher! ;)

  13. Sooooo cute, Raya looks soooo grown up!!!! Can't wait to see Brielle do her nastics!!!!!!!!Love,Grama F


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