Thursday, August 22, 2013

Thursday Randoms

Raya had another great day at school! Now both girls are at my parents' house and tonight we are having dinner and celebrating my moms birthday (Happy Birthday Mom!)

So for my update today here are some random tidbits I've been meaning to blog :-)

First, the other day I FINALLY got some wall d├ęcor for the huge wall above Brielle's bed in the girls' shared bedroom. This wall was so big that I've been trying to find a somewhat inexpensive way to fill the space and the other day I found this canvas art and matching wall hooks so I decided it would be perfect. We are currently using the hooks to hang a couple favorite purses and hats.

I had my prime (no zoom) lens on so I couldn't get a zoomed out look---but this is lengthwise over the bed

Moving on, this past Saturday we went to the Iowa State! I got a delicious funnel cake---yummy ;-)  (Pics from Lee's phone)

And lastly, how about a phone dump from Lee? In all the time he's had his phone this is the first time he's actually dumped them on my computer. Some of these are REALLY old! Might as well blog them though! lol ....enjoy :-)

Easter egg hunt 2 years ago!

Check out those baby teeth!

Last summer Lee took the girls to some sort of thing where they saw farm equipment/helicopters/etc.

Brielle was crying lol

Awww, she had her paci

Gunner and Raya snuggling ;-0

Lee is a manufacturing really sure what exactly he does, but has something to do with military aircraft panels ....this was him at work one day

Playing with Lee's photo tricks...our heads and feet, in the same pic! ;-)

eating smores in Ohio this summer

We refinished our deck this summer...painted it in 90+ degree weather---yuck! But it looks great now. We did two-tone finish. The posts down below by the sandbox show the old unfinished wood. The deck up top did have some peeling red stain in places, but it was pretty bad looking.

Have I ever mentioned how much we love this GIANT sandbox the old owners built under the deck?

So pretty ;-)

Coming home from the State fair this weekend.
That's all folks! :-)


  1. Love the owl decor! Mind sharing where you got them? A's bathroom is owl themed & I'm on the search to find stuff for her walls!

    1. I got the canvas and the hooks from Gordmans! I think that is sort of a Midwestern store though---not sure they have any around you :-(

  2. Isn't it funny how we can not really know what our husbands do 40+ hours a week, ha! I don't really know what mine does either...and I'm totally ok w/ that. Its all over my head!
    I was going to say I thought I've seen that canvas at Gordman's! So cute. And your deck looks AWESOME! A deck is definitely on our wish list for our next house!

  3. LOVING the owls and funnel cake!! Omggg I need a funnel cake like yesterday ;)

    IG: megawat

  4. My jealousy of your trip to the Iowa State Fair is indescribable.
    LOVE the technical term, " to some sort of thing where they saw farm equipment/helicopters/etc." LOL!!

  5. Crazy that he is just now dumping some photos from that long ago, haha!

  6. Love all the pics, but really sad to see how much the girls have grown in such a short time!!!!!
    Grama F

  7. The owl decor is so cute! I have always wanted to go to the Missouri State Fair, but haven't yet... it is on my bucket list ;)

  8. I love the picture above Brielle's bed! Love owls =) And your funnel cake looks ahhhmazing!!!

  9. I love owls, I have them up in our classroom, so cute!

    And it's always fun to look at old pictures! :)


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