Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Trendy Tot Tuesday

Linking up for Trendy Tot Tuesday with Megan, Lindsay, and Kelly!

Just a quick Trendy Tot Tuesday today, because I didn't have time to come up with anything better haha.

Today my niece Harper is here, so check out my adorable trio! My girls are in Gap dresses, and Harper is in Genuine Kids. And as my brother pointed out, yes they all look a little disheveled and wrinkly, but I was just happy to have one where they were all looking at me!


(Oh, and it's a little hard to tell here, but I gave Raya a back-to-school haircut last night....took about 2-3 inches off or so. ....it was a lot longer in the back so I took off more there. I always love her in a little bob ;-)

Happy Tuesday everyone! Raya's first day of school is tomorrow---stay tuned! :-)


  1. Cuteness overload! Lovin' those Gap dresses :)

    IG: megawat

  2. I'm in LOVE with their gap dresses! SO CUTE!

  3. Adorable, I love ruffle dresses!

  4. What a bunch of cuties.
    Hope raya has a good first day of school

  5. I don't think they look disheveled! I think they look adorable! Super cute.

  6. So cute! I love sundresses and have already warned my hubby that we will be buying lots of them for next summer!

  7. Can't wait to hear about Raya's first day of school!! And what she wears of course =)

  8. Love all of them in dresses!

    Can you do a post sharing how to cut the girls' hair?! I would love to start doing it on my own but am scared!

    1. I actually did write a post about it awhile back! Here's a link http://nopaparazziplease.blogspot.com/2012/03/cutting-your-kids-hair-at-home.html :-)

  9. They are all 3 adorable, and they even look alike! :o) Love their dresses too!


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