Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Trendy Tot Tuesday

Linking up for another Trendy Tot Tuesday with Megan, Kelly, and Lindsay!

Ok, first off, I had ZERO motivation for posting this week lol. So please excuse the fact that I didn't bother editing a lot of these pictures. Too lazy, sorry :-)

Who's ready for Halloween? Ok, so we won't be wearing Halloween attire for over a month yet, but I love Walmart for holiday clothing...it's so cheap I don't feel guilt only wearing it once or twice. When I was at Walmart a few days ago I noticed that their stuff was already getting really picked over, so I went ahead and picked up each girl something festive...pieces were a grand total of $4.98 each.

I mean seriously, "Ghouls" Just Wanna Have Fun?! Could not be more suited to this blog, now could it? Unfortunately they only had Brielle's size....it will do :-P

Then for Raya this was the only thing I could make work in her size. She likes Hello Kitty though so it's all good.

And now to end, my lazy man's pictures....just a bunch of random outfits I haven't posted from the last week. Enjoy!

This is from Naartjie

This is Crazy 8...one of those outfits I got awhile back when everything was like $2.98 or something

Gymboree top

Gap smocked romper (size 18-24 month so it's more capri length haha)


Top is from Gordmans
So, anyone else started shopping Halloween yet? I have no idea on costumes for my girls, but it feels good to start buying *something* holiday....Halloween, then Thanksgiving, then Christmas....love love love that we are heading into all of my favorite holidays :-)


  1. Oh my gosh, too cute! I haven't even thought about Halloween yet, but I love both of your outfits. Guess I need to get on the ball, huh?!?! I love that little romper from Gap too! :o)

  2. I haven't even thought about Halloween yet! haha But the top you got for Brielle is perfect for you!! Emma has mentioned a few times what she wants to be for Halloween, but it changes periodically with her. So we'll see!!

  3. Love the owl Gordmans top! I saw the CUTEST candy corn Halloween top on The Gap. Must have for Auttie! :)

  4. I don't usually buy holiday outfits because I'm cheap, but I've totally been thinking about what she can be for Halloween. I have all sorts of ideas but can't seem to settle on one!

  5. im secretly loving that halloween is RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER :) I haven't bought anything yet..but have been browsing costumes online.

  6. We haven't started Halloween shopping, but I've been brainstorming costume ideas.

    And, seriously, Brielle is wearing EIGHTEEN/TWENTY-FOUR MONTH clothes?! I packed those up at the beginning of summer! Hahaha!

  7. we just bought our Halloween shirts the other day. I'm still figuring out Halloween costumes for my girls too. Kaylee wants to be Sophia the first (the good thing about that is we already have the dress up dress), I'm not sure about Keira and Kendall. I like that green outfit Raya had on

  8. Those Halloween shirts are *perfect* for you guys!


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