Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Vacation time!

Lee informed me the other day that our girls have gone on more trips in the last couple months than most kids do in an entire year---I guess he's probably right lol. But I can't help but jam pack tons of fun into our summers---so many things to do and before long Raya will be in school and we'll have a loooooong winter of nothingness planned for vacations :-P

And so with that I bid you all farewell, because tomorrow we are off to St. Louis! Of course hitting up a Cardinals baseball game, and also taking the girls to Grant's Farm for the first time. Also plan to play and splash in City Park. All kinds of fun stuff. We try to go to St. Louis at least once a year so glad we are making it there this week! I will be back next week with pictures to share!

Before I go, here are a bunch of random photos I haven't gotten around to sharing in the last few days---enjoy :-)

Last week Raya had swimming lessons. (I actually forgot to take her on Friday b/c we were shopping lol...so she had 4 days of lessons. But honestly, all they do is splash around at this level...it's at the public pool so we aren't talking hardcore lessons ;-)  Anyways, she did fine, except that it was COLD last week, and rainy, and pretty miserable to be swimming. But she did it. On to level 3 next year! haha

Here was Brielle the other day, having her first ever taste of Kool-Aid....

Here were the girls enjoying pudding cups and their first corn-on-the-cob of this season...yum!

The girls LOVE to cut things with scissors...all the time.....

When my mom took Brielle shopping last Friday she bought her Dora pjs (and Dora underwear and Dora socks....and a barking dog in a purse...can you say SPOILED? lol)  ....but anyways, here was Brielle that night, happily wearing the beloved pjs haha

Here is my facebook post from today, that I don't want to forget:

(upon seeing that Brielle has peed on the bathroom floor this morning...)
Me: Brielle?!?! What are you doing?!
Raya: Well mama, Brielle said she had to go potty but I told her that Baby Boo was going potty, and she had to wait. Baby Boo had to go really bad.

I cannot believe I cleaned pee off the floor because Raya's *DOLL* was on the potty taking too long. Poor Brielle...

....in other news, I got each girl signed up for her extracurricular for this year! Raya will be doing ballet again on Fridays (based on age she will be repeating the same class from last year, but they said if they think she should move up to the next level (which performs in the recital) then they will let me know within the first few weeks. I don't really care either way, although the class now is cheaper monthly tuition, doesn't perform in the recital so no costume or recital fees, and is the same one Brielle will join in January when she is 3, so I'm thinking staying put sounds awfully good haha.

...and I got Brielle signed up for Friday morning gymnastics! She will go while Raya is in preschool. When I told her about it she said "yay, 'nastics! Are other people there? I don't like people. Mama come?"   ....I told her yes, I would come (I have to accompany her through the class since she's under 3) ....and she said "Ok, I love 'nastics! Mama comes!"   hahaha. Now I need to find a teeny tiny gymnastics leotard ;-)

Lastly, here are some outfit of the day pictures I haven't shared yet!

JC Penny

Naartjie <3

She was being too crazy for a good photo lol.....Children's Place

See you all next week!! :-)


  1. YAY for swim lessons!!
    I'm DYING for some real Iowa sweet corn! The pictures are killing me. I can taste it now.
    Better tell Baby Boo to speed things up next time. Hahaha!!

  2. Have fun on your trip! I wish I had thought about swimming lessons in time this year Wil would definitely benefit. I plan on signing Harper up for the mommy and me gymnastics at the first of the year when she will be 18months I think she will have a blast :) I bet the girls will love their extracurriculars!

  3. The cherry outfit, LOVE IT!

    We have done a ton of trips this summer too. I have mommy guilt for working full time (I only work 4 days a week) so on Thursdays I try to do fun things with them and Gary and myself have been taking the kids everywhere. I love it!

    1. I know, and I often say a trip is "for the kids", but let's be honest---I want to go too! ;-)

  4. Have fun in St. Louis :) especially at the Cards game! I hope they win for you. Autumn would be jealous of all of the Dora stuff- especially the PJ's!

  5. Have fun in St Louis! =) And i'm excited for Brielle to start gymnastics! She is going to love it =) I think that GK makes the best leotards...if you search Ebay for them you'll find some pretty cheap =)

  6. Have a good time on your trip.
    I'm getting ready to sign my girls up for activities too. Kaylee and Keira will both do dance and then in the fall kaylee will play t-ball

  7. Brielle in that blue outfit with cherries is sooooo cute!!!!
    Grama F


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