Friday, September 13, 2013

Art School

Raya spent most of her preschool time last year at the art table, and this year in 4-year-old preschool hasn't been much different. She LOVES doing the art table and brings home multiple art creations daily.

The funny thing is that in only the 2 weeks she's been in school, I've already seen great improvement in her drawing! I can't draw for the life of me, so this is something I didn't ever work on with Raya. I figured soon enough she'd figure it out lol.

Well, she did, and apparently one of the teacher aides in her classroom is quite an artist!

For the few first days of school her drawing were pretty typical of what's she's always done---mostly scribbles...

Then she started bringing home drawings like this---I was like "umm, who drew this?" lol...she said her teacher (I think the aide) drew whatever she asked....and she asked for a cat!

So then I was thinking how that was sorta weird, that the kids weren't drawing anything :-P

But then.....

Her drawings started getting better! I was thinking the aide was doing a pretty good job teaching them how to draw *real* pictures!

And now, after only 2 weeks, this is how Raya's drawings are looking....I'm pretty impressed. A sun, clouds, flowers, grass, and she even wrote her name. Good job Raya!
Now I'm looking forward to when she's old enough to start writing cute little stories to go with her pictures. Nothing funnier than the stories that little kids write, with all their misspelled words, etc hehe

In other news, Raya is going to start soccer next week...she's pretty excited! We got her bright pink socks and shin guards :-P The season had already started and I was going to wait until next year, but then one of the mom's of a girl in her class said their team was short a player, so they let us sign up late. I have no idea how many games they play....all I know is that practice is on Mondays and games on Thursdays. Hopefully she gets to play a least a few games, since we signed up late and missed a bunch of practices already. My understanding is that at this age they just kinda run around and randomly kick at things, so I think Raya will be fine ;-)

Also, here is my facebook update from last night....too cute! :

(Driving home from Grandma's tonight...)

RAYA: hey, the moon is following our car!
ME: yes, sometimes the moon does look like it's following us

(A couple minutes later...)

RAYA: Oh no Mama, go back! The moon forgot to turn!

Lastly, it's finally FALL WEATHER here! Today the high is supposed to be 69...the windows are open and I'm loving it! We've had unseasonable HOT weather lately, with highs hitting 100 degrees---yuck. So this taste of fall is great.

Today the girls got to break out the first of their fall clothes. Raya's dress is from H&M (did you guys know you can shop H&M online now!?) This dress I bought used though...I love it!!

I found Brielle's Tea Collection dress at the local consignment store.
And yesterday, when the temps just started to cool off a bit, Brielle also wore Tea the birdie print on this one.

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. So much improvement! Those look awesome! Maybe Jillian will learn that in Kindergarten!

  2. Wow! I can't believe how well she is drawing in preschool! Great job, Raya!

  3. Such a little artist!!
    I love watching little kids play soccer. It's just a heard of littles chasing a ball around the field. HA!


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