Friday, September 6, 2013


So today was Brielle's 2nd day of gymnastics. We were driving around and drove past the gym and she asked "where you going Mama?" so I said "well, we are kind of early so we're just driving around....I'm still learning how long it takes to get here and we got here too soon" which my little angel responded (in her sweetest voice from the backseat) "it's alright Mama....I'm still learning things too"

Melt. My. Heart.

Here are some other facebook status updates I've had recently, which I should document on the blog so I don't forget:

I couldn't stop laughing at preschool pick up today. When the kids are dismissed their teacher does a "hug or handshake" thing...and Raya is not one to show affection to "strangers" so after a week of watching her push past the teacher instead of doing a hug I told her today "now I'm going to be watching, and if you give your teacher a hug and say 'goodbye' then you will earn a sticker on your cha...rt today" then at pickup I see Raya looking around frantically---her teacher was gone today and no one was doing the hugs or handshakes! when the random substitute dismissed her I was sure she would run to me upset at not earning the sticker---but nope, she ran right to the substitute and starting hugging her and saying goodbye, then ran to me yelling "I earned my sticker!!!!" LOL... we'll try again tomorrow with the real teacher hehe
(Update, today she did hug the REAL teacher that sticker!)
And another:
We've been doing a chore chart for 1 week now and tonight the girls earned their reward---DQ was their choice! But before Lee agreed to give them the money for icecream he said he had one more chore for them---to rub his feet. Well, the girls proudly walked into Dairy Queen holding their money and then declared to everyone in there "My Daddy made us rub his stinky feet and then he paid us money!" Yeah, that wasn't awkward at all.....  
I just overheard Raya telling Harper and Brielle, "Now you guys, you get what you get and you don't throw a fit!" ....and she's wagging her little finger at them as she's bossing them around and delegating who gets which toys.

....I'm annoyed *for* them...I'd tell her to get lost
And lastly, I have a new Thanksgiving shirt design in my Etsy shop...a whimsical handprint turkey keepsake shirt! You send me a tracing of your child's handprint and then I turn it into an adorable keepsake shirt in the colors of their choice. Raya wanted pink and purple :-)
Have a great weekend everyone!!!!


  1. This shirt is so adorable, and a great idea! I totally wish I were talented enough to sew =)

  2. I love these shirts... just like everything else you do! Boy I want one for each of my kiddos!

  3. LOL - Raya is so funny!
    What a cute Thanksgiving shirt!!

  4. You are absolutely so creative! I love those shirts!


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