Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Flash Forward Fun

I'm linking up today with some other bloggers to make guesses about what our kiddos will be like when they are grown ---this should be entertaining to look back on (and probably laugh at) when they are adults ;-)


Dear Raya and Brielle,

You are probably going to be reading this letter and laughing at how wrong I was, but I'm going to give this a shot anyways. I sometimes feel bad making predictions about who/what/how you'll be in the future because I don't want you to fall into self-fulfilling prophecies, where just because I say you are reserved and non sporty then you never try anything, or just because I say you are the wild child you become one :-P But at the same time you are both so clearly, distinctly *YOU* ....with personalities that are no doubt you own, and seem to be sticking around.

Raya, I predict that you will continue to be a goodie goodie, just like your Mama! Just yesterday at preschool you brought home a special award from school, and a note from the teacher saying you are such a good friend and always do the right thing. That is so YOU. You are a people pleaser, a rule follower, a true "first born." I am sure you will rebel at some time, but I doubt it will be at school. One reprimand from the teacher and you'll be devastated. It's hard to predict your overall intelligence, but I am certain you'll be a very hard worker with an A+ for effort and grades that reflect your love of learning.

Brielle, I see you as more of my class clown! I do think you will do well in school (because we won't allow anything less!) but you are the child always inserting the words "poop" and "toot" into the songs you sing, just to get a laugh. You also are much more likely to test your limits and push boundaries. You like to tell me "no" even when I know that you are dying to say "yes" just don't want to give in! I am guessing that challenging nature will extend to your school and teachers at least a few times!

Raya, I predict that you will have a small circle of friends, but they'll be *good* friends. You tend to attach yourself to a few favorite people and then are very loyal.

Brielle, you are a little young to tell right now, but so far you are a big of a recluse haha. I have a feeling though that you'll be a social butterfly when you are older.

Since your Mama doesn't really like the real sporty sports, I'm sure this will influence you. I am not going out of my way to encourage things like softball, volleyball, basketball, track (ugh), etc. lol. However I will certainly support you in whatever you choose!

Overall though your Daddy and I both predict that Brielle will enjoy team sports, and the more "rough and tumble" sports. She's tough...she's like a little roller derby type kid :-P I think Raya will gravitate towards things like dance, cheerleading, golf....she's not super competitive and is easily injured ;-)

I hope you *both* do things like drama, music, speech, band. I think Brielle will be our little choir star!

Future Job
If I had to guess I would say that you, Raya, will end up doing something in a "helping" a teacher or nurse. Brielle, I really have no idea! You might be my child who ends up doing something a little more unconventional.

As the first born you are very "mothering" Raya, so I think you will have more children than Brielle. Not that I don't think you will both be *awesome* parents, but I think Brielle might have 2ish kids like while Raya enjoys a house full of munchkins.

For fun, I think Raya will be around 5'9 like me, b/c she's on a pretty similar growth curve. I think Brielle will continue to be more of a shorty, maybe 5'4.

While I think I am a pretty good guesser, at the same time I fully expect you both to keep me on my toes, and guessing about who you will become. And that's the fun part of watching you grow up! You are both such fun, wonderful little girls that I have no doubt you will grow up to be successful young women, no matter what you choose to do. Love you!



  1. what a cute idea!!! So interesting to read about their different personalities... mine are switched - my first born is the class clown and my youngest is the goodie ;)

  2. Thanks for joining us today Shawna! My Drew is more like your Raya with the goodie-goodie part. He's so sensitive just like her too!

  3. My first born, Nathan is a goody goody/rule follower just like me, too! His sister is not! lol! Cute!

  4. Just came across your blog from the link up. I have a 2 1/2 year old daughter and another one on the way. I just started following you, excited to see another mom with two girls!

  5. this is cute idea and I'll have to do this with my girls.

  6. I love the guesses at the end and how opposite they are. :)

  7. Marcus and Brielle seem so similar in a lot of ways. I can see him being the class clown (he is always testing him limits), and participating in group sports.
    Such a sweet letter to your little ladies!

  8. Love this post!!!!, pray that I am still around to see if you are right!!!!
    Love,Grama F


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