Friday, September 20, 2013

Go Zebras!

Raya had her first soccer game last night. We just barely squeezed it in before a big thunderstorm! I was glad they didn't cancel because she was super excited! Her team color is black and white, and they are called the zebras hehe.

Raya enjoyed the game and is excited to play again. However we could all tell she was pretty overwhelmed by all the people there. A few times she sort of spaced off and looked really sad/confused....but after the game she said she wasn't sad at all so I think she just got distracted!

She is a slow runner like her Mama lol. She tended to do a slow jog after the soccer ball lol. She also seemed confused about why her preschool friends were "fighting" eachother for the ball...I could tell her wheels were turning thinking "we are supposed to share!" ;-) She was not one to get fight for the ball at all. When she stumbled across the ball in the open, with no other kids around, then she would kick it! She did try to kick a couple times with other kids around so hopefully as she gets more practice she'll catch on more.

After the game she told me "I will run fast when I'm big like the other kids" ....I said "Raya, they are the same age as you!" then she said, "Well, I like playing with only Zebras more better, not dragons (the other team). Zebras are slow animals."   :-P

So here are some pics of the first game! (Please excuse the blacked out shirts...Lee insisted )


  1. We have a slow runner on our hands too! haha We always tell Emma that she takes after my father. God love my father, he's a great man, but man he's slow at everything he does! LOL And Emma is soooo much like him. She'll be doing something at a slow pace and I'll just say, "Emma you are just like" And she finishes the sentence and says "I know, I know i'm slow like BeeBee" HAHA =)

    Glad Raya had a good game, and the pictures are too cute!

  2. haha love her comment about the zebras! So cute.


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