Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Heat Wave!

For those of you who dread my Trendy Tot Tuesday ramblings, here is another Tuesday update that should be more to your liking ;-)

We've got quite a heat wave going on right now...yesterday temps were about 100 degrees! So I took the girls outside for a September run through the sprinkler on our crunchy brown grass hehe.

Here are some pics of our fun!

The girls' chigger bites are visible above...see Brielle's poor little thighs!? They actually look much better here than they did at first.


  1. Aren't they just the sweetest of sisters?!!! :)

  2. That picture of the two of them is adorable!!

  3. No better way to beat the heat than with some sprinkler fun!!

  4. I can't believe it is hotter there than here! We have a mosquito infestation though, so we still aren't getting out much! Savanna's legs look a lot like Brielle's :(

  5. Ahh... I noticed the poor little marks on Brielle's legs. :-(

    And, this heat stinks!! I want some good 'ol WI fall weather before we go home.

  6. Too cute! It might be hot but at least they are having fun!


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