Thursday, September 19, 2013

Make-up Artists

Did ya'll notice my new blog header? Last night Brielle and Raya played with their make-up kit and let me tell ya, they looked BEAUTIFUL haha. (Daddy was a little annoyed though when he went to give them a bath and that stuff was stuck on good! ;-)

I think this is one of my favorite pics of them to date! Love the smooshed together cheeks, the big smiles, and the fact that they look so much alike except for one pair of gorgeous blue eyes and one pair of beautiful brown ones! :-)

In other news, on Tuesday Sawyer got to come over after Kindergarten. I LOVE that the girls are growing up so close with their cousins. I had a lot of cousins growing up, but they all lived about an hour away and honestly I pretty much only saw them at the standard holiday get we were friendly, but not really friends....if that makes sense. I am thankful that not only do my girls have *eachother* to grow up with, close in age and bffs, but they also have Sawyer and Harper who they get to see at least twice a week and sometimes more. What awesome memories and friendships. I hope they all stay close while growing up---even Mr. Sawyer with all the ladies ;-)

And to end today, some "what they've been wearing" pictures :-)

This sweater dress is from Gap Outlet

Please excuse Raya's poor modeling in recent days. She has a bad cold so between feeling sick and a constant running nose it's been a little hard to get her to cooperate!

Shirt made by me, and jeans from H&M (I love that you can shop online now!) Shoes from Walmart

In case I have never mentioned, the girls are HORRIBLE with shoes, and destroy them. I have to stay away from any of that fake leather stuff b/c they scuff them within 10 minutes and leave chunks of white showing on the toes. So basically all of their footwear is usually Walmart or Payless, and disposable. And I try to stick with canvas/cloth/suede type stuff that doesn't turn white with the scuff marks :-P

This is an older Gap set, from the super popular fall Boho line. LOVE. Please excuse her insistence to wear the (Walmart) rainboots!

And yes, for those who are curious, all of Brielle's clothes I do sell when she outgrows them. We have quite a few embroidered jean sets in size 2T that I will be listing at the end of the year, and I'll give you a heads up when I do in case you are interested!

Raya also wore this owl top, although she was younger (and chunkier!) at the time. I feel bad that I didn't take "nice" pics back then :-(

Raya's theme at school this week was apples....good this we had the perfect Gap dress laying around! :-) I intend to get a red long sleeve shirt for this, just haven't yet.

Favorite outfit alert! I seriously LOVE these Gap jeans on Brielle...they fit her so well and the patches and embroidery are adorable. There is more embroidery around the waist and pockets. The top is just from JC Penny but looks so cute with the jeans...and the boots are Walmart "uggs" ;-)

It was a little chilly yesterday morning so we added a cardigan

Happy Thursday everyone! Fingers crossed that Raya's first soccer game doesn't get rained out tonight like they are predicting...she is SO EXCITED.


  1. Loving the jeans, white top and boots on Brielle. Did you get those boots recently?

  2. I love all their outfits! Brielle's jeans are wayyyyy too cute! Hope Raya is feeling better!

  3. I had a ton of cousins, but they all lived so far away. It's sad we never became really close. Your girls are so lucky to get so much quality time with their cousins!

    Those outfits - SO CUTE! I have to agree, that "favorite" outfit on Brielle is darling!!


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