Thursday, September 5, 2013

Payback's a B*tch

I know I've touched on this topic a couple times, but never as bluntly as this, so here goes...

Once upon a time there was a young girl named Shawna. She had nice, brown, straight hair. Her mom would use a bottle of hairspray to get it to hold one curl. It was straight as straight could be, thin/fine, etc.

As this young girl grew up she learned she could never skip a morning shower, because her hair would be a greasy, flat disaster. She learned to pick shorter hairstyles with lots of layers to add a tiny bit of volume. She'd blow dry her hair upside down and use a round brush to get is "super poofy"

Yes, it's true, this girl was me...and this picture was of a day when my hair was particularly "voluptuous", can you believe that? Ahhh, I miss this hair :-P 
See how shiny and smooth it was?

Even after I had Raya my hair stayed shiny, straight, and (in retrospect) very nice!

And then Brielle was born.

You hear people talk about how your hair can sometimes change after things like cancer, when your hair falls out and grows back in....and I had also heard of it happening after children due to hormones etc. But never did I think that after having Brielle my hair would look like THIS:

Yes people, you may wonder why my hair is almost always pulled back into a tight bun, or what I sometimes look a hot mess with crazy pieces of hair flying all over. But that is because my hair's natural state is now this crazy mess! This was after my shower and getting ready this morning lol. I've even tried soaking it in various crèmes, etc. and flat ironing it, but within an hour (especially in heat) it frizzes back to this in no time flat. It's almost comical now.

And so Miss Brielle, when you are in high school and complaining about a bad hair day I will be pulling these pictures out to remind you what a bad hair *life* looks like :-P

And should you be so lucky as to have darling children some day, I will be patiently waiting to see what your hair looks like in the aftermath. And should it take after mine and look like you've been electrocuted (doesn't it?!) I will simply laugh and say



  1. haha...I have to laugh! This same thing happened to my mom. She always had a little wave to her hair, but after she had my sister (12 years ago) its SUPER curly. And she hates it. I have incredibly straight hair..and just like you have to use insane amounts of hairspray to hold a curl for maybe 2 hours. Some days i would love curly hair. Crazy how pregnancy can do that to you. Maybe ill have curly hair in a few months?? haha

  2. HA! Your "new" hair is my everyday hair!! I happen to like your crazy mess. :)

  3. LOLOL! When I flat iron, I spray each end with a little hair spray then I put the iron on and it seems to hold better. But, wow... that is crazy how much it changed, tho!

  4. I know how you feel my hair changed more after Harper (my second babe) definitely more wavy - almost curly in places.I have always had thick straight hair. I keep it long now (middle of my back long) because I have NO idea what it will do short haha.

  5. Okay, I actually think your hair looks cute in that last picture! It's so full... what I would give for that! ;)


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