Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Reunion PS and some fashion fun

I almost forgot that I have a few more pics from our trip to IL this past weekend, so I'll share those today before I forget!

First though, the girls have been wearing some repeats lately so I haven't been taking pics of Raya before school every morning (gasp!)....but today Raya wore a cute apple print dress from Matilda Jane and I grabbed a quick photo. Love this---it was one that I found used for a good price because the bottom purple layer was falling off...I sewed it back on and now it's good as new :-)

Brielle is wearing Matilda Jane too---she's worn this before, but this time I added these random ruffle pants we had from when Raya was little---they are kind of a funky combo I think!


No idea what's up with the look---she's going through a horrible picture stage where she just stands there in a daze, and if I tell her to smile and look at the camera she does this haha

Ok, and now on to more family reunion pics! These are all from my sister-in-law's camera.

First a comparison was us at the reunion 2 years ago, the last time they were back for it. Megan was pregnant with Ryan at the time!

How cute is Brielle, all tiny and sweet?! :-)
And now this year---we tried to recreat the same pose! haha. Ryan wasn't having it though and seriously, it was soooooo hot and my hair was a frizzy mess! :-o

At the reunion the girls went swimming b/c it was so horribly hot out

And now some more randoms from our weekend there!

Behind the scenes of one of my farm shoots haha....they were all moo-ing!

Playing at the discount shoe store while Daddy shopped

Look what Brielle found for "shoes" !

Lee had all these farm sets at home and got them out of the basement to bring back for the girls---he sold them as "dollhouses" hehe

Heading to church with Lee's family...figured we'd take the opportunity as a chance to get fancy ;-)



  1. HAHA at the pic of them moo-ing! That is awesome :)

  2. Cute pictures. Looks like everyone had a good time


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