Monday, September 9, 2013


Kind of a crazy weekend over here. Lee took the girls back to his parents because he (and a buddy) were planting a food plot (to prepare for upcoming deer hunting...and he hunts back on his family farm). So anyways, the girls were going to hang with his parents while he did that, and then he and his buddy (and Raya's b.f.f. Brynley) were going to go to a local rodeo.

Well, the girls ended up getting COVERED in chigger bites down on the farm....their entire butt and thighs were was horrible looking! And Raya was super itchy, so Lee said she was a grump at the rodeo (I can't really blame her!). But she says she had fun---and daddy spoiled the girls with cotton candy, stuffed animals, cowgirl hats, and various accessories! lol. The hats I guess you pick colors and they spray paint them right there for you...and cover them in glitter :-P And then he got the girls flowers and streamers to attach to the hats. They were pretty fancy cowgirls!

Here are some pics after they came home Sunday, of their hats

And her new horse---Daddy told them last time that he was done buying stuffed animals. Guess Daddy is a pushover ;-)

The flowers and streamer add-ons ....I can appreciate that Daddy knows how to accessorize!

By the way, that glitter is ALL OVER our house now haha

And then here are a couple phone pics Lee took while they were there...

There is the barn that I took the girls' pictures in front of last weekend. My photography skills are pretty impressive when you consider what the barn looks like on a camera phone pic like this :-P

And the worst part of the weekend was that while I was her kidless, my van broke! So I was stuck at home the whole time---had nothing to do but clean! haha. Thankfully the van seems to be fixed now, but still...what a waste of a "vacation" weekend :-P


  1. What in the world is a chigger bite? I'm assuming some sort of flying insect bite? haha =)

    The rodeo looks cool! And the hats are too cute! =)

    That stinks that your van broke on your...but at least you had some alone time! =)

    1. Well, I'm not really sure! I think they are almost like microscopic --tiny bugs lol get them often when sitting in the grass and stuff...the official definition says "a tiny mite whose parasitic larvae live on or under the skin of warm-blooded animals, where they cause irritation and dermatitis" :-P

  2. Looks like the girls had fun, chigger bites and all.
    You should ask for a re-do "vacation"!!


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