Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Trendy Tot Tuesday

Linking up with Kelly, Lindsay, and Megan for another Trendy Tot Tuesday!

The weather here has been record high temps---so no fun fall clothes yet! :-(

To get in the fall spirit though I had to girls do a fashion show for this week's Trendy Tot Tuesday---featuring Carters. Normally Carters is my "filler" brand---basic play clothes, nothing too spectacular, but cute basics.

HOWEVER, this season I feel like Carters has really stepped up their game---they have some adorable stuff out! I think the designers copy Mini Boden a lot haha...so I love the Boden-esque things especially. Some of these are definitely favorites in their wardrobe right now! I haven't been loving Gymboree very much this fall at all, so I'm glad I had room in the closets to sneak this in hehe. And I got all this very cheap too. One of my favorite places to buy Carters is at Kohls...I stack coupons on top of sales and then pile on any Kohls Kash I have...awesome!

So here is Raya....first up my FAVORITE set. They had two other color schemes in this set too---a pink owl one and a kitty one. I love the yellow though :-) I will probably have to bribe Raya to wear the pants, but it's so cute I had to try lol.

This carters dress is very cute, but not my favorite on Raya. It doesn't help that she insisted on sticking her belly way out for this "pose" lol. Raya loves it though b/c it has horses on it, so we'll keep it.

I love this style much better on her. Little owls all over it!

The jeans skirt was our one disappointment....ran at least 2 sizes small...I even ordered up to a 6 on it and it fits Brielle in the waist! haha. LOVE the top though.

The top has elbow pads, my fav

And now for Brielle. I had Brielle model yesterday when it was 100 degrees outside!!! So I took them indoors, and the pics don't do the outfits justice at all, but you get the idea haha.

Both these tops go with the same jeggings. These jeggings are really great, and not too tight like some. The first top is an owl print---hard to see but the owls have pink wings, so we tried on her boots with it hehe (Tops are *not* knit, which is nice. The navy/blue knits at Carters tend to fade a lot for me)

And this top is slightly different style, with buttons in front....and it has little mice all over it! The mice are holding pink hearts, which is hard to see in these (crappy, indoor) photos :-P

So if you haven't checked out Carters yet this season you definitely should!


  1. so cute!!! I really need to take a trip to carters to get Breanna some fall stuff

  2. Love all of these, esp the mint leggings and are those shiny pink boots from Childrens Place? I want to get Autumn some pink boots for the fall. I love the elbow pads, Autumn has a peplum jacket I just got her and it has the little elbow pads on it.

  3. Love gray & yellow right now, and the elbow patches on Raya's shirt rock!

  4. I was right there with you on your feeling about Carter's...and then they got it together and really nailed it for fall! We ordered a bunch of stuff and it just came the other day. It's even cuter in person! Love all of your picks!

  5. Im sooo excited for Fall right now! :) these outfits are just getting me more and more excited. That first outfit of Rayas (the yellow polka dot pants) is my FAVE. I wish it came in my size ;)

  6. I love Carter's for pajamas, but don't seem to find too much else. They did have a few cute things at Kohl's though!

  7. I want those yellow pants so so bad. And in gray and pink too. I just confessed to my mom today that I think I have a colored pant problem for Abigail. I want to buy them all.

  8. They're all so cute! That first outfit Raya had on is my favorite - those polka dot pants? I die!
    Seriously, 100 degrees? Yuck.

  9. I love Carter's :) some of my favorites! These are all soooo cute. I love the Carter's stuff for Target too. I especially love that very first outfit!

  10. I found some really adorable newborn clothes at carters...but sadly Emma has outgrown Carters =( I was so sad when I went in and found that nothing fits her from there anymore. But I still have Alyx to shop for there =)

  11. I totally agree! I have been meh on Gymboree and loving Carter's lately! They had a huge sale last week and I actually went twice! I mostly got basics for little B, but I snagged a few things for S because they were so cute!

  12. You're girls are too cute! I can see they love the camera :)
    I would love for you to come by and share what you're loving to my What I'm Loving Fridays Link Up!

    xo Lulu


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