Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Trendy Tot Tuesday

Linking up for another Trendy Tot Tuesday this week with Kelly, Lindsay, and Megan!

Yesterday Brielle was wearing the Matilda Jane Sally Lap dress, which I bought second hand. I am obsessed with it on Brielle---I think it's just the sweetest thing! And I thought it'd be perfect for a few fall photos so while Raya was at preschool we ran to the backyard for a couple quick shots. Here are some of my favs!

And for an added bonus, a little "sporty spice" hehe. My girls don't dress sporty very often, but Raya had her first ever soccer practice yesterday (she loved it, especially the snack they gave her! lol) ....I thought she looked pretty darn cute rocking her outfit and matching soccer ball. Gotta look the part! ;-)

Raya has 5 games this season, the first one being this Thursday. Can't wait---should be entertaining to watch! lol

Oh, and as a P.S.....I kinda stopped decorating our playroom after getting the initial set up done last Christmas, but lately I've had renewed motivation to finish it haha. So the other day I got valances for the windows and I also decided I wanted bunting wall art for the big empty wall in there. Yesterday I got my custom banner from Etsy and it's adorable! She posted a picture of my banner on her fb page so here it is---you should check her shop out! I am sure I could have made my own banner, but I loved how finished this one was....it's actually sewn and double sided--not just cut raw edges. And the time I'd spend getting all the fabric and sewing it would be better spent sewing my own Etsy orders....so that's my justification ;-) ....anyways, it looks awesome in our woodland themed playroom---I'll post pics of our room when it's all finished!

I asked her to have them say "let's pretend" since it was for a playroom---love them. Our rug has all these colors too! The fabric has little red riding hood, toadstools, trees, foxes, etc.


  1. I adore that dress, she rocks it!

    Logan started soccer too. It is adorable to watch. She is looking awesome in the pink sporty gear!

  2. They are just the sweetest & that dress looks so sweet on her!

  3. Those are adorable photos you got of her, love the lighting and the corn field in the back... def. looks like fall! The owl barrette and her boots are adorable, too! I just love your bunting, so fun!

  4. Hey lady - Hope you're joining us for our link party tomorrow on the topic of what we think our children will be like someday! I'd love to see your post on the girls!

  5. Brielles outfit is adorable.
    Loving Raya's soccer attire, best dressed!

  6. B looks adorable! I love her sweet dress paired with those boots.

  7. That dress is beyond cute! I love it with the boots!
    Cute little soccer player, too!

  8. You have the perfect backyard for photos! And the dress on Brielle is so sweet =) I love Matilda Jane dresses.
    I sooo hope you have better luck with soccer with Raya than we did with Emma! I wanted Emma so badly to play, but she ended up hating it with a passion. Oh well...at least she found gymnastics! I love Raya's soccer outfit!

  9. The Black & White (or Sepia) is my FAVORITE!

  10. Her dress is adorable! I think I would probably obsess over it too. She's looking mighty adorable in her soccer get up as well! I can't wait until I get to buy Bailey her first matching pink softball set. :0)

  11. I need more pics!!!! Love love love Brielle in that dress!!!!!!!
    Grama F

  12. Brielle's dress is gorgeous! And those are some great pics! And I love that Raya is sporting the pink soccer gear!


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