Monday, September 23, 2013

Trendy Tot Tuesday

Linking up again with Lindsay, Megan, and Kelly for another Trendy Tot Tuesday!

I didn't really prepare anything special for this week, so here are a couple outfits the girls happened to wear in the past few days :-)

Brielle in her Target gymnastics leotard and Raya in Naartjie top. (I still LOVE Naartjie but I'm slowly weaning off of the ruffle pants for Raya, and instead buying the tops to wear with jeans. We do some head-to-toe outfits still, but I think it's less "out there" at preschool when she wears the tops with jeans...although trying to blend in more doesn't work so well when she wears a tiara headband lol. She loves wearing that thing and then coming home to tell me about all the little girls in her class who were admiring her :-o )

And here are a couple things on the Naartjie website right now that I'm liking


And here are a couple Gymboree outfits that Brielle has worn ...

And these are some things I'm liking at Gymboree right now :-)

Sequin Chevron Stripe Sweater DressSparkle Chevron Stripe TightChevron Faux Suede Headband
Tassel Chevron Sweater BeretGem Sequin Heart TeeChevron Stripe Skort
Gem Button HeadbandFox Girl TeeStripe SkortFlower Tight
Button Stripe Sweater HatButton Bow Stripe TeeFox Jean SkortFox Knee Sock
Bow Mouse Sweater HatMouse Stripe TeeMouse & Cat Zipper JeanMouse Ballet Flat

Happy Tuesday everyone!


  1. I love the deck shots with Brielle!

  2. OMG, she is too cute in her leotard! And I love Raya's tiara headband! Haha! That grey sweaterdress from Gymboree is adorable, I was just in there and missed it! I love the owls too! Aghhh, that place is my weakness!

  3. I love that apple outfit she has on, that would have been perfect when Aut went apple picking! I also love that gray chevron sweater dress from Gymbo!

  4. Raya's got style, kaylee would want to wear her tiara to school too but hers is a big princess one. LOL loving some of your Gymboree finds

  5. That first picture is GLORIOUS.

    PS. Loving your new header photo :)

  6. Gymboree has such CUTE stuff out for girls, but the boys selection is just not doing it for me right now. :/


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