Monday, September 30, 2013

Weekend wrap-up

This weekend we had my cousin's wedding on Saturday, and then I did lots of sewing and a photography session on Sunday!

Lee took the girls hiking on Sunday at some caves about an hour away, while I sewed. Here are some pics from his phone of their fun!

The girls had a blast and when I asked them about it Brielle said, "It was swip-pery in there!"  (slippery)  :-P

Sunday evening I had a first birthday photoshoot for a little guy who was just as adorable as could be. Here are a couple favorites!

You can check out the rest of his adorable session on my facebook page HERE

Happy Monday everyone!


  1. looks like such a fun time with the girls and OMG those 1 year photos are ridiculously adorable!!

    by the way, love the new blog header - don't know when you changed it but it's so cute!

  2. Where are those caves?! The look awesome. I think we need to take Marcus!
    Your pics are so good. I wish I lived closer. We'd be your subjects all.the.time.

  3. the caves look really cool.
    OMG that little boy is so cute!

  4. The caves look really cool! And I love that Brielle said it was swippery! haha!
    And adorable photo shoot!
    Happy Monday =)

  5. Lee is such a good Daddy!!! Love those baby pics!!!!!!
    Love,Grama F


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