Thursday, October 24, 2013

6 years

Lee and I first met almost 8 years ago on an online dating site. After a week or so of talking we met in person for the first time at Texas Roadhouse for dinner. After a little more than one year of dating we got engaged, and at just under 2 years of dating we were married. About a year and a half later we had Raya, and then 18 months later came Brielle!

This Saturday is our 6 year wedding anniversary, and we are just as cute as ever, if I do say so myself :-)

Here are some more favorites of mine from our family session last weekend (I love black and whites, so there are a lot ;-)

Here's to 6 more years! (But no more kids :-P)

And lastly, just a friendly reminder about my Discovery Toys party going on right now! One of my bloggy friends already ordered and told me she already got notification that it's shipped! So talk about nearly instant gratification :-) Anyone can order (you don't have to know me personally or anything!) ...just follow this link and order like it's a normal website--my party will automatically get credit for your purchase. (I have to get a certain number of orders to actually get credit for having a party, but if we do I'll have to girls come up with a very special blog post thank you for everyone :-) Then your goodies show up on your doorstep! I'll warn you though, it may take great restraint to wait until Christmas before playing with them.

Also as a heads up, there is a "while supplies last" section as if you order early you could get your hands on one of many fun toys before they are gone forever! Here is one of my favorites from that section:

Color Clowns ---it teaches colors and color mixing! (Mix red and blue to make....?) Love it


  1. Love the family photos!! Happy Anniversary!

    Our timeline is so similar - we had our first dinner date at Texas Roadhouse in July of 2005, were engaged December of 2006, and married August of 2007! Of course, Savanna didn't make her debut until Brielle did. :)

  2. Loving your family photos. Happy Anniversary!

  3. Such sweet photos! I love photos on blankets or quilts, too! Happy anniv.!

  4. I LOVE these photos!! =) Congrats on 6 years!!!

  5. Happy Anniversary!!! Love these pictures as well, so cute!! You should enter our Fairy Birds giveaway, your darling girls would LOVE it!!!

  6. I love all your photos! And Happy Anniversary! =) Time flies doesn't it!

  7. Happy Anniversary! You have such an adorable family. Great photos!

  8. aww Happy Anniversary to you and Lee!! You are a great looking couple and have a gorgeous family :)

  9. Happy, happy anniversary! Hope your day was super enjoyable with no kids! Love the ending of your post, here's to six more years but no more kids, ha ha! And, love all these pictures, especially the ones on the blanket.


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