Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Ballet style -- Trendy Tot Tuesday

Linking up again with Megan, Lindsay, and Kelly for Trendy Tot Tuesday!

Ok, I admit I'm taking the lazy way out this week. I don't feel like uploading new pictures this morning so I have these ballet pictures from Raya's parent observation day on Friday and thought I'd share those :-) Plus, some of you may be interested in our ballet style choices, right? haha

We buy our ballet attire at Target. I don't like ordering online because I find that dancewear runs small, and I like to see it in person to judge the size I need before ordering. Out of all the brick and motor stores I've checked for ballet wear I think Target has the cutest stuff!

Raya is required to wear a light pink leotard, light pink tights, hair up, and pink ballet shoes. (Although other girls in class vary from this a lot and nothing is said, so I guess they aren't as picky as the handbook sounded!)

We have 2 different leotards that we rotate right now. She only goes once a week so that seems sufficient for the time being! Since Raya has a little belly on her I prefer the leotards with a built in skirt, especially the ones where the skirting starts high to cover her belly (obviously it's not a huge deal at this age but I just think it looks nicer on her :-P)

The little girl behind her is her BFF this year at preschool

Brielle was sitting in the audience!

Please excuse the crappy pics....the lighting is horrible in this room

Free dance!

I just think little girls are the cutest when they pose like this! hehe


So that's all for TTT today, come back tomorrow for an exciting post about toys for Christmas!


  1. So cute! I have a couple of pink leotards for Autumn, one has short sleeves and the other has long... They have to wear all solid colors in her class AND a bun, but most come unmatched, etc. Her show class is next week, yay!

  2. Ah so cute. I am such a sucker for little ballerinas. There's just something so sweet and purely girl about it.

  3. Oh this is so cute!! I've really been pondering getting Abigail into some sort of dance class. Any tips?

  4. Aw... she's precious! I bet she loves ballet!

  5. So adorable! Ballet looks like fun for her! =)


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