Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Catching Up

Lots of outfit-of-the-day pics to post ...I'm behind!

Naartjie ---playing in my "studio" before my client arrived


Gymboree...she picked the accessories :-P

Gymboree...Love the matching hair pretties....she was wearing jeans though and took them off as soon as she got home from school :-P


Mish mash of things...shirt I made last year
Dora hat from Target lol

Love this....Old Navy shirt, Kohls Jumping Beans from Gordmans

Gap shirt, Children's Place hat, walmart pants

random craft we did recently

Tea Collection dress...super cute with tights and brown boots...she was a hot mess this day though lol

Gymboree...this will fit better as a tunic next year...weird shape for a dress and the straps are too long haha

Another love....Matilda Jane dress and Gap sparkle tights....Brielle in Gymboree sweater I got for $1 somewhere :-P

There were lots of days I forgot pictures too...oops!

Back soon with trick-or-treating pictures....the girls are excited!


  1. Oh, I feel ya, Raya. I take my pants off as soon as I get home too, girl.

  2. That Dora hat, I don't know, haha! It makes her head look as big as Leo's! :)

    1. I know, it's sooo obnoxious! haha. You should have heard her cute little squeal when she saw it though...I had to buy it :-P

  3. They have so many cute clothes!!
    Those bright pink boots that Brielle has are pretty awesome. :)


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