Monday, October 28, 2013

Don't feed the animals! --Trendy Tot Tuesday

Linking up with Megan, Linsday, and Kelly for Trendy Tot Tuesday!

Today I decided to do a Halloween photoshoot with the girls, since we will be so busy on Thursday and won't really have time for posed photos. They look so cute! I picked a fox for Brielle and then Raya picked the leopard all on her I got lucky that they coordinated so well haha :-)

(These are just copied from Facebook because I'm too lazy to re-upload them here)

The picture above was taken right after Raya informed Brielle that only leopards can roar, and not foxes...Brielle was horrified and offended! She continued to roar despite Raya's protests haha.

When animals attack! hehe

I seriously cannot handle how cute that tail is

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  1. Such ferocious and cute little wild ones!

  2. These costumes are just adorable!!!!!!!! Love them!

  3. I can't handle how cute these pictures are! Love the face on the "foxes don't roar" pic and the tail one with Brielle!

  4. Where did you get the costumes from? Oh my gosh, they are both so cute... but, I especially love that fox costume and the little tail! LOL! I love your idea of taking photos before Halloween, we usually do that at a park by my brother's house... but, he didn't have a Halloween party this year, so I didn't get around to it. I am hoping to do it before we go out trick or treating since I am off work on Halloween, wish me luck on that! ha!

    1. Fox was from Walmart! Leopard was from Shopko ....we go cheap for Halloween ;-)

  5. I love, love, love both costumes!! The girls look amazing!!

    Savanna won't wear any accessories...ever. It is a huge problem, especially on Halloween!!


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