Monday, October 21, 2013

Fancy Nancy

One more sneak peek from our family shoot that I copied from facebook .....I loved the reading photos I did recently so much that I really wanted to get one with my girls during *our* session! Here we are reading Fancy Nancy....I seriously have the cutest girls ever :-)


And the reason I'm not blogging anything else today is because I've been going through 600+ photos from my two shoots on Sunday!

Check out my album of favorites for this family with FOUR BOYS! Found here  I love their session....although it was a little tricky with less than ideal was drizzly and rainy right up until I started shooting!

And here is my album for this father/son shoot...the girlfriend set this shoot up and I thought it turned out so cute---and I loved their two boxer puppies! Found here

I'll be back soon with some *real* blogging! Tomorrow is Trendy Tot Tuesday and then I have a super awesome blog post coming soon with some awesome Christmas ideas for all ages! It'll be here before you know it! ;-)


  1. That picture is priceless! I may have to borrow that idea for the next family photo shoot we do (which I wish you'd be the photog for)!

  2. Love love love it!!!
    Grama F


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