Saturday, October 26, 2013

Happy Anniversary to us! (I'm gonna kill him :-P )

So today is our Anniversary! My mom is keeping the girls for the day and overnight so we are doing a variety of things, including seeing a movie I think and going to a Japanese restaurant. Fun fun!

....that is, if I don't kill him first.

You see on Thursday night we had Raya's parent/teacher conferences. (She is doing great! Good friend, rhyming rock star, writes her name, puts on her own coat....all the preschool necessities haha) But Friday morning, when I'm already running late b/c it's our busy morning preparing for gymnastics, etc., I go to load everyone in the car and the keys are missing! I call Lee 5 times on his cell, 5 times at work, I text him 911....nothing. The spare keys are no where to be found either.

So Raya missed school and Brielle missed gymnastics.

Finally get ahold of Lee and sure enough, he had the keys in his coat pocket at work! See, you'd almost kill him too :-P

And then with the day being all messed up I totally forgot about Raya's dance class yesterday evening. So basically we are horrible parents who skipped preschool, gymnastics, and dance class all in one day lol.

At least he brought me a big bouquet of gorgeous flowers for our anniversary :-)

And yesterday afternoon I also had my very first indoor photography client! I didn't know this family, but they called me right after I got my indoor set up and I told them they could be my first indoor clients if they wanted. I am SO HAPPY with how these are turning out! I think I might come to enjoy indoor photography even more than outdoor. And I've already booked 2 more clients for indoor sessions just since last night when I posted on Facebook. Wahoo!

Here are a couple favs:

I made a bunting! :-)

We went in my backyard for a few too

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. UGH about the keys!! That's happened at this house too. So frustrating!! Good thing flowers arrived to help smooth things over :)

  2. Don't you love it when you really need to get a hold of your husband they never answer there phone! Haha
    Happy Anniversary, enjoy your kidless day
    Loving the indoor shoot but the ones outside are great too

  3. Yep, definitely would have killed him, haha! He better make it up to you today! :-)

    Seriously great pics! You are rockin' it!

  4. I love the indoor set up! Those are some cute pictures!

  5. We've had keyless days too. Makes for a pretty interesting/frustrating day.
    Happy Anniversary!!

  6. One time I was supposed to meet a friend for lunch and I couldn't find my keys and looked and looked for over a half hour... turned out, they were in my jeans pocket! Arghhh! So frustrating :) But, that was my own fault! I LOVE that photo of him with the pumpkin hat and pumpkin! Cute!


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