Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Many faces.....

There are many faces of Brielle----these are a few. She's Trouble with a capital T for sure! :-)

Here are the "Ghouls Just Wanna Have Fun" shirts from Walmart that the girls are wearing today...maybe I should re-name my blog ;-)

You can see the dining room chairs we recovered this weekend here----LOVE the dark brown fabric ....so much better with kids, as they had destroyed our *white* fabric that was on there previously. I would have considered a pattern that was a little more "fun" but I stumbled across this for $9 a yard, as opposed to all the other upholstery fabric that was at least $35 a yard haha....so suddenly this stuff looked extra cute ;-)

Here is Raya's new doll "baby ballet" ....it cries, moves its face (looks creepily like a real baby when it sucks it's paci lol), and even breathes (it's stomach moves up and down when it falls asleep). Harper had gotten this doll and brought it to Grandma's last week....Raya became obsessed with it! So I told Raya if she didn't pick "wedgies" the entire soccer game last Thursday (Have I mentioned here yet that she's had trouble with that? haha....she constantly thinks she has a wedgie, and during her soccer game 2 weeks ago she picked her butt like every 2 seconds)....so anyways, of course she didn't pick a wedgie the entire game and I had to get her this doll! And then of course Brielle needed one too. So $40 later we had two creepy crying babies at our house :-P

Lastly today, here were the girls last night watching a movie in the basement with the puppies :-P


  1. Brielle's expressions are priceless!
    As for the dolls... are they like those creepy ones the Home Ec teacher had us bring home for a night in middle schools? Ugh, those things were zero fun.

  2. I love all of her expressions! And I had to laugh at how Raya earned her baby doll! :-)

  3. Sam has that doll and the Halloween shirt Brielle is wearing. I like the chair coverings. It was nice seeing you today.

  4. We actually have light fabric on our dining room chairs and I know someday they will be ruined. UGH. And I love how snuggly your pups look during moving time. :)

  5. Those pics of Brielle are adorable!!


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