Thursday, October 10, 2013

Part 2 --- My Little Pumpkins!

More pictures today from yesterday's trip to the pumpkin farm <3  (As always, if you click on the photos to enlarge them the quality is much better for some reason).

First things first, I had a few people curious where their outfits were from. Gymboree of course! :-) Raya's sweater I got for $3 on end of season clearance last year. It's only a size 3-4 (the only size they had left) so I thought I'd be saving it for Brielle, but then I found Brielle's dress used and the headbands on ebay, which caused me to cram Raya into the sweater so that it looked like I had purchased adorable matching outfits, when in reality it's a total mish-mash!
By the way, Lee HATED the headbands. He was pretty much horrified lol. You know what *I* was horrified about? The fact that no one else at the pumpkin farm even made an effort to dress festively! I mean geesh, at least wear orange or something people :-P

Here was their cow picture *two years ago*! Thankfully they are better behaved for pictures now.

The big slide was a hit this year again! Here are some comparisons to last year :-)



How about some more comparisons? This is fun haha :-)  (Comparison is with *2* years ago)


Running to the hayrack ride!

Comparison to hayrack ride *2* years ago...


....and last year....
Ha! Just realizing that Lee was wearing the same shirt last year LOL ;-)

Playing in the corn bin!

Grandma Donna, between me forcing her to wear jeans, and the corn going down her pants, the "wedgies" were inevitable! lol


Protect the headbands! :-)

Same spot last year...

Me and the girls this year....

...and last year....

Jumping on the big inflatable!

Raya got scared, but Brielle wasn't phased by the big kids!

Her evil look  :-P

As you can see, we had so much fun!!

And to end, how about a couple pics of Raya's very first trip to a pumpkin patch?! This was before we moved, so a different pumpkin farm....but still fun to see how much she's grown!

 A fashionista even back then :-)

Don't forget to read my first pumpkin patch entry from last night!!!


  1. all the pictures are great. I love all the comparison ones. we are taking our girls tomorrow.

  2. Now *that* is a pumpkin patch! What a cool place.
    I find it hilarious Lee didn't like the headbands... I thought they were AWESOME!

  3. I love all the comparisons! This place looks like so much fun; wow! I wish we had one around here. And, you crack me up... no one else even bothered to dress for the occasion! ;)


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