Saturday, October 12, 2013


Quick update, I was bummed to discover that my new photography backdrop finally arrived today, but had been damaged by the post office---grrr. I now have a message in to the seller and fingers crossed they are easy to work with. The backdrop was pricey and it is damaged top to bottom so pretty worthless to me now if they don't refund or exchange :-(

In better news though, this afternoon I was able to photography Miss Charlee and her family for the 3rd time--she always keeps me on my toes and tonight was no different, but once again I outsmarted her for a few good ones hehe :-) And mom is currently pregnant with twins, how fun is that?! (Well fun in theory, when I'm not up at night with them lol)

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!


  1. These pictures are adorable. That sucks about your backdrop

  2. Very cute. Keep us updated about your backdrop.

  3. Oh no about the backdrop! I hope the seller works with you on that. These pictures turned out great. I was looking at them wondering if this was the family that you took pictures of right after the little girl was born. If so, she is growing up so fast!

    1. Actually I took pictures of this family when the little girl was about 1 year, then almost 2 year, and now at 2.5 ...I love regulars! hehe :-)

  4. ugh, sorry about your backdrop! The pictures are great though

  5. That stinks about the backdrop! Hopefully the seller is good to work with!
    The pictures are awesome!


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