Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Prettiest Pumpkins in the Patch

It should be no surprise that I have about 1 million photos from today, but for tonight I'll just share a couple quick favorites :-) The weather was unseasonably GORGEOUS for October in Iowa...Lee took off half a day of work and we had an awesome afternoon at the pumpkin farm, followed by dinner at Dairy Queen. Have I mentioned October is my favorite month of the year?

And here they were at the same pumpkin patch LAST YEAR!

Look at how tiny Brielle was!

And now from this year again...

Every year I get a picture of Daddy and the girls walking in the pumpkins! Here is this year:

And last year....

And the year before that...

And back to this year again! (As though my hair isn't crazy enough, the wind helped out today!)

Hayrack ride!!!

And we also snuck in some backyard pictures before we left...

More pictures to come tomorrow!!!!! And you know what I noticed while looking at this year's pictures? Not only have the girls grown, but my oh my my photography skills have really grown too!!!! lol

Happy Pumpkin farm day! :-)


  1. You got some amazing pictures!! It looks like you guys had so much fun!

  2. you got some really cute pictures. I cant wait to take the girls

  3. Okay, I debated on saying it, but I was thinking the same thing, you can totally see how much you have grown in your photo skills! Your pictures are AMAZING! I love them; can you teach the rest of us a trick or two??

    I love Brielle's orange pumpkin dress!

  4. Your pictures are so good!! No way you'd want to take a vacation to the West Coast and take some photos while you were here??

  5. ADORABLE!!!! You got awesome photos of them and I love the ones of them walking with their Dad and the one with you. So, where is the dress/shirt and bows from?!!

  6. Awesome pictures! They definitely are the prettiest pumpkins! I love their dresses!!

  7. Wow! They are adorable! Nothing beats a good pumpkin patch photoshoot!


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