Monday, October 28, 2013

Pumpkin Carving

Yesterday I had two family photo sessions, so Lee had the girls all afternoon. I came home to a clean house---windows washes, floors vacuumed, garage cleaned, dishes done, laundry done, fridge cleaned out ---I have no idea what he was on, but he was a speedy cleaner! ;-) He REALLY wants to go on his long hunting trip next month hehe.

Then while I was editing some of the pictures he decided to carve our pumpkins with the girls. I do not like carving's messy and slimy and I have no artistic talent when it comes to them. So he always is in charge of that tradition.

Each year he lets the girls pick a picture from the computer of what they want on their pumpkin....then he free hand draws it on the pumpkin before cutting it out. Raya picked an owl and Brielle picked a "titty" this year :-)

She insisted on having the knife and said "I do it my own self!"

Lee thought it'd be funny to make it look like she was sniffing the cat's butt lol

Perfect. Happy Halloween!


  1. Wow! Lee is good at this pumpkin carving thing!

  2. What an awesome hubby! I love those close up photos of them staring into the pumpkins, so neat!

  3. he did a good job with the pumpkins. at least your girls helped, mine didn't want to put there hands in the pumpkin to get the seeds and stuff out...LOL

  4. I HATE the pumpkin guts. Gross. But, I love the actual carving.
    How awesome that Lee freehands the stencils on the pumpkins!
    P.S. The photos of the girls near the pumpkins are awesome!

  5. I know I already commented, but wanted to let you know I nominated you for the Bloggy Sunshine Award: - I couldn't find a Twitter acct. for you so thought I'd post here. :)


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