Friday, October 18, 2013

Status Update

Here are a few recent facebook postings I've done that I don't think I documented here yet. Enjoy!

Raya is somewhat obsessed with planning future birthday parties because she sees me sewing various themed birthday shirts for my shop. She has been planning her May birthday ever since her last one ended, and she's come up with many theme ideas including the normal "princess" to weirder things like a "caramel" theme. But tonight she came to me very excited and declared she had come up with the best idea yet....she wants a "wedding" theme lol. She wants to wear a wedding dress, dance to wedding music, and eat wedding cake. I'm thinking that birthday outfit won't make it into my shop, as I'm not sure that would be a very popular birthday theme for the general masses


(Driving by the construction at the round-a-bout)
Raya: Look Mama, it's a pusher! Oh, and a grabber! A pusher and a grabber.
Me: What the heck are you talking about?
Raya: A pusher...and a big grabber is on it. See the pusher sissy?
Brielle: ....Raya, no....that's a bulldozer

Raya is such a girl Sounds like a conversation I'd have with Lee when I try to talk about cars LOL


So today Harper was trying to steal a necklace from Brielle and broke it. It's actually Raya's necklace so I said something like "well, now we are going to pick up Raya from preschool and she's going to be mad at you for breaking that."

In the car on the way home with Raya:

Me: Harper tell Raya what you did
Harper: I broke your necklace.
Raya: Which one? That's okay.
Harper: No, you need to get mad at me. Get really mad at me!
Raya: It's okay, is that the only thing you broke?
Harper: Raya, do you need to *see* the broken necklace? I broke it. Get mad.

lol...I seriously laugh all day with these girls


If our conversation on the way to preschool this morning is any indication then I'm in trouble today!

Brielle: Look Mama, a long train!
Raya: That's not a *long* train sissy.
Brielle: Yes it is! Yes it is a long train!
Raya: No it's not. I'm smart so I know. It's not a long one.
Brielle: Maaaaaammmmmaaa! Raya said it's not a long train!
Me: Just let it go Raya, who cares!
Brielle: Let it go Raya, mama said let it go....let it go....let it go.....let it go....
Me: She heard you Brielle.


Just got back from dance class with Raya and I asked Brielle what she had done with Daddy while we were gone...

"Well, I rode on Daddy's lawnmower three times and I jumped on the trampoline and I saw a big bug."

Sounds fun-filled lol



  1. My favorite... the pusher & grabber comment. I had no idea what she was looking at! Funny how Brielle knew. :-)

  2. I about died over the bulldozer conversation! HA!!!


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