Friday, October 4, 2013

Two Wheels

Before I forget:

1) Raya is riding her bike without training wheels! Lee took the training wheels *and* pedals off her bike a week or so ago and made it into a "balance bike" she learned to balance and coast down our drive way. Then Wednesday night he put the pedals back on and within minutes Raya was riding like a big girl---no more training wheels! She can't go long distances or anything, but she can ride up and down our driveway and through our grass and stuff. :-)

2) Raya had her best soccer game to date last night. She actually got some good kicks in and stayed with the pack of kids for the most part (she does get tired running though---no track and field in her future I don't think! )

3) Today was School Spirit day for homecoming and yesterday I realized we owned NOTHING from the school haha. So of course I had to quickly sew something! Go Mustangs ;-) I used the logo from their website and random scraps of maroon I had laying around. Next time if I have more than a couple hours notice I think I'd buy some fun patterned fabric...but this served it's purpose today!

Today was the last dress up day of homecoming week---school spirit day. So of course yesterday I realize that we do not own a single Mount Vernon *anything* lol. So I had to quick sew something with random scraps I had laying around! (and yes, being raised a Lisbon Lion it pained me a little to be sewing Mustang clothing, but I guess I need to get used to it ;-)

Happy Friday everyone!


  1. Kaylee is dying to ride her bike without training wheels, we should try that with her bike. Maybe we'll give that a try this weekend and make her bike a balance bike. Cute shirt

  2. Way to go Raya!
    Can I just say how jealous I am of your ability to quick whip up a cute shirt like that?! :)

  3. You are so amazing... seriously, you just whipped that shirt up?! It's awesome!

    And, YAY Raya!!!!!


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