Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Wacky Wednesday

Another super short post today---sorry!

It's homecoming week at Raya's school so every day is a dress up day this week. Today was "wacky Wednesday" so Raya got to put together a wacky outfit---she loved it! Too bad she's so adorable that even her wacky outfit ends up looking aweseome ;-)

The true sign of a fashionista! Today was "wacky Wednesday" for homecoming week at school. Raya put together a super wacky outfit and she *still* looks awesome lol. She thought this dress up day was the coolest thing ever :-)


  1. she totally makes wacky Wednesday adorable!

  2. The wacky outfit works! Too cute =)

  3. She looks great! Did you let her pick it all out?

    1. I had to make a few suggestions because she didn't really get the concept of "wacky" at first...she was so confused that I was telling her *not* to match lol. But then she got into it and picked a lot of it herself. She was proud when she found the skirt and held it up to the shirt to make sure there was no green in the shirt! ;-)

    2. And I tried to get her to wear mismatched shoes or something, but she was having none of that :-P


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