Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Welcome October, PS

As a P.S. to my post from this morning, here is how we ushered in Oct. 1st tonight....with glow-in-the-dark skeleton pjs! The girls thought they were the coolest thing ever ;-) We also enjoyed our first day of October, my favorite month, by making homemade applesauce from the neighbors apple trees!


  1. Love the Pj's! Where did you find them? I love October too, and I think on my next day off, Thursday, I will be making pumpkin chocolate chip cookies with Miss Emma!

    1. Gymboree :-) I think they may be sold out. I think when I got them they were only $8...$10 sale plus coupon!

  2. Oooh, thanks for reminding me to get our skeleton pj's out, too!!! That will be a fun surprise tomorrow night.

  3. This reminds me, I need to bust out the glow-in-the-dark skeleton PJs M has stashed away in his closet.
    Can you please send some fall-like weather this way? Pretty please.

  4. I bought these for my two as well. so adorable!!!

  5. These pjs ROCK! I was going to ask where you got them, but I see above. Apparently I am the last person in the planet to realize there are glow-in-the dark pjs! :-)


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