Tuesday, October 15, 2013

You know it's getting cold when....

1) You add "heating blanket" to your shopping list
2) The weather man starts mentioning "frost advisory"
3) You take breaks from typing to rub your hands together, because they  going numb
4) You ask your husband if you can turn on the furnace yet
5) Pjs start consisting of a sweatshirt and sweat pants (yes, sexy I know)
6) A coat is a must when waiting outside the preschool for pick up
7) Hot chocolate re-enters snack rotation
8) Your kids start making their lists for Santa
9) Depression sets in because the local Dairy Queen will be closing soon (no really, it's a sad day)

....and #10.....

10) Hats and legwarmers take your kids' wardrobe to a whole new level of cuteness!

Brrrrrrrr.............stay warm everyone :-)


  1. Ohhh I LOVE Brielle's outfit!! And can I just rub it in a little bit that our Dairy Queen is open year round??? haha =)

    1. Damn you lol. Ours serves food and stuff, but for some reason still closes in November and reopens Feb. I think....maybe not quite that long. Feels like forever though :-P

  2. oh my gosh her outfit is so cute

  3. My pretty Brielles face says it all!!!!!

  4. Oh she's so cute. Where did you find the leggings?

    1. The cream leggings are just Walmart, but the shirt, hat, and legwarmers are all Gap. I bought it all secondhand so it's an older line....I believe the line was called "Copper Mountain" and you could probably find some of it on ebay! :-)

  5. omg....that outfit!!! she is such a little ham

  6. Send some of that cool air my way!!
    And, it REALLY is a sad day when the DQ closes. It's a big deal in our town, too. Almost as big of a deal as when the DQ re-opens. :)

  7. Your DQ closes?! That is tragic! Not that you head there all that often in the winter...but it's still nice to have the option available!

    I laughed at the sweat pants and hoodie pj's. That would be me. Absolutely.

  8. Too cute!

    Our "you know it's getting cold when..." would only be #1: people talk about it non-stop! Maybe #2: It's over before you know it ;)


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