Tuesday, October 22, 2013

You need to check out these toys --- Great Xmas ideas for all ages!

Ok, ok....normally I hate those "parties" ...you know, when you get invited somewhere and end up buying things you didn't want or need but you were at the person's house eating snacks and felt guilty leaving without purchasing anything :-P


one of the few parties I actually have had fun at was for Discovery Toys...they sell awesome educational toys and games for all ages, and recently one of my friends started selling for them. When she asked if I would host a catalog party I thought that with Christmas coming up there might actually be a lot of my blog readers who were looking to buy toys anyways, and so you all might as well get comfy and check out some of these awesome picks I'm going to share with you! And if you would like to look at the full catalog or place an online order you can do so through my party link right HERE (The party will be open until November 2nd.)

Here is a little blurb about my friend who I'm hosting the catalog party through:

As a homeschooling mother of 4, I promote Discovery Toys to enhance my children's learning.  It is such a blessing to be able to play with my children, all the while knowing that they are learning with these outstanding, durable educational toys.  With a life time guarantee, and a satisfaction guarantee, you can't go wrong with these amazing toys.

So anyways, before we get to some of my favorite picks from the current catalog let's talk about the reason why you are already telling yourself you won't be ordering anything: That it's too expensive and you can probably get toys at Walmart on Black Friday for much less, free shipping, etc.

And in response to that let's take a look at Exhibit A from my girls' playroom:

A bunch of broken, falling apart Barbie toys.

The great thing about Discovery Toys is the lifetime guarantee and the fact that they are so well made that you will likely never need to use the guarantee! My girls still play with a Marble-works game at my parents' house that was mine when I was little. 

So, instead of buying a bunch of lesser quality toys this Christmas (or birthdays or just because!) why not focus on a handful of well made, well thought out, quality toys that will really engage your kids and get them learning! (And no, I don't work for them and have not been paid for pimping Discovery Toys :-)

**Break time.....here is Brielle being all adorable like and playing with one of the many Discovery Toys we already own. This game is no longer being sold by them I don't think....I bought it for Raya years ago....but we still love it! If Brielle can't sell you on these toys then I guess no one can, look at her adorable little self ;-)

Now to the catalog (which you can access through that link at the beginning of this post) ....the catalog is easy to navigate with toys/games/books broken up into age groups. However I often check out the age group a little older than what my girls are because there are usually some great things there too which I know my girls would like and be able to grow into.

Let's start with bargain finds....these toys/games are all $15 or less! (And in case you are unfamiliar with toy prices, you will easily spend $15 on one Barbie doll. Heck, one crappily made Barbie dress was like $9 last I checked!)

*Rainfall rattle for the under 1 year crowd
* Night owl puzzle, for ages 1-2 years
* Games on the go , for ages 3-4 years (I really want this for my girls...only $8!)
* Word Magic Mixer, for ages 5-7 (I love the portability of this...I'd have fun playing this too!)
* Wiz Kidz , for ages 8+ (Wish my girls were old enough to play fun games like this!)
* Lumps , for the whole family (kind of reminds me of Yahtzee, only $8!)

And here are some items that are more than $15, but they look so neat that they'd totally be worth it :-)

* Motor Works ...I just think this is the coolest! My girls and I played with it at a fair booth this summer. You use real electric tools to take apart and put together a car/plane/and motorcycle....the girls loved it!
* ABSeas ...I got this game for my nephew Sawyer a few years ago...so adorable and fun!
* Letter Catch ....similar to the ABSeas game, only for the bathtub!
* Memory Match Clams ....unfortunately I think my girls would outgrow this game soon, or else I'd be buying it! Looks so fun and versatile....is it wrong that I envision hiding food in one shell and then shuffling them around and having my kid try to pick the one with food inside? That's a pet trick right? haha :-)
* Money! Money!  ...I think Raya is still a little young for this, but it seems really fun. She is always asking questions about money and so interested in how it all works!
* Flip 2B Fit ...this is an exercise game for kids! I wonder if I'd lose weight playing it? lol ...I love the concept behind this. I think it'd be a great P.E. activity for those of you who homeschool.
* Story Speller ....I think it would be hilarious to hear what Raya would come up with for this game! (And this actually belongs up above...it's only $15!)
*Name that Country ....what a fun game, especially for anyone who homeschools!

Ok, so no pressure, but I hope you all at least check out the catalog and look at some of these awesome games! If you are like me your kids probably get enough "free play" time during the day when you are doing chores around the house and cooking supper etc, so when you have time to sit down with them in a structured way it's nice to have some award winning, tested and approved games and toys that will be fun *and* educational!

**Party closes on Nov. 2nd**

Thanks everyone!


  1. I will definitely be ordering something; looks so cool! And, hopefully I will be strong-willed enough to keep it stashed away for Christmas! ;) Remind me if you see I haven't ordered before your party closes. I don't have time to look tonight and will be gone all day tomorrow, so I am afraid I will forget, haha.

    1. Yay! I will definitely be reminding people before it closes! :-)

  2. I LOVE Discivery toys! I think I even had some of their stuff when I was growing up.
    I will be checking out the catalog for sure (and passing the info along to Grandma, too:)).

  3. I just want to buy that adorable model!!!
    Love,Grama F


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