Saturday, November 23, 2013

Broken bones, oral surgery, worst day ever, oh my!

In case we are not facebook friends, here is my facebook post from last night. We pretty much had the worst evening ever. Please forgive me if I am not very good about commenting on other blogs for awhile---I am kinda stressed out lol. I will continue to update here though as much as I can!

DAY. FROM. HELL. say the least. I broke my foot and Brielle knocked out her tooth! Long story short(er) I hurt my foot walking on flat ground in my kitchen about a week ago ...assumed it was arthritis related and have hobbled around... for days. By today it was so unbearable I couldn't walk...even pushing the gas pedal was intense pain. Go to the doctor and find out I had broken my foot (could be a fluke, but might be that my bones are getting brittle from all my meds, etc....oh joy) ....and then while in the doctors office trying to figure out what I am supposed to do for 6 weeks not being able to drive, etc. Brielle suddenly fell, hit her mouth on the chair, and her front tooth was gone! Got into an emergency pediatric dentist who said the tooth has a huge chip and the stub that's left got pushed up in her gums. Has to have surgery on Monday to remove it and she'll be toothless until her big tooth grows in! We decided that Brielle must have been too cute and so as not to make other children in the world jealous she had to be taken down a notch (or down a tooth ) Thankfully Brielle acts ok, except when she started crying that she wanted her tooth back...I told her only super special girls lose their teeth and the tooth fairy will bring her a new one when she's a big girl in school...poor thing. ....I need a drink, and I don't even drink LOL
  I ended up canceling my *5* photography sessions I had coming up in the next week or so....I feel so bad :-( I closed my Etsy shop but I'm going to continue sewing on the orders I already have. I can use my left foot for the sewing pedal, it just takes me longer since I'm not used to sewing with that foot. I am currently looking into a van service to get Raya home from preschool each day and Lee is going to try adjusting his work schedule so that he can drop her off each morning. Not driving for 6 weeks is going to be awful!

Brielle goes to the oral surgeon on Monday. Lee has to take off work. She did awesome her first time at the dentist yesterday and so they said that hopefully she won't need anesthesia and can just have local numbing....fingers crossed. The two teeth on either side of her missing one also have "lines" in them and were involved in the fall. They said we need to keep an eye on them. I will cry if she loses those too, I mean seriously! They also said her big tooth underneath may have been damaged, guess we'll find out when she's in like 1st grade and finally has a tooth again :-/

My poor girl

Lee is coming home tonight, one day early. Hopefully the cats can cheer everyone up LOL.

Oh, and as all that wasn't worse enough, I got a big box delivered yesterday and so after my mom took the girls home to her house I thought I'd cheer myself up and open their new doll horse stable (from my previous update) to make sure it was what I expected for their Santa gift. It was NOT what I expected....because inside the box was a CHRISTMAS TREE! Yes, they packaged a Christmas Tree and labled it "doll stable" lol. So after 30 minute talking to another country the rep said the best they can do if have me mail back the Christmas tree for a refund and then re-buy the toy. She did say I could also drive to my nearest Target to pick one up, to which I said "I JUST BROKE MY FOOT AND I CAN'T DRIVE! I JUST WANT MY STABLE SENT TO ME LIKE I EXPECTED!!!!"

If anything else goes wrong I am wrapping myself in bubble wrap and never leaving the house....except if we get another mouse :-P


  1. Im so sorry for all your bad luck. I hope Brielle's other teeth aren't damaged. When you say she has a line down her tooth, is it a crack? I hope the cats cheer everyone up

  2. Oh dear! I hope you have met your quota and these six weeks fly by! Good luck to Brielle on Monday (and you too!)

  3. I just can't believe your day! I am so sorry!

  4. Wow.... you just made my "bad" day yesterday look amazing! Seriously. SO SORRY!! What an awful day!! At least it's over and you're still alive to talk about it!! Poor Brielle! She's still going to be the cutest kid though!!

  5. Oh my goodness! I hope everyone, and everything, gets healed and back to normal ASAP!

  6. Oh no! I hope you feel better soon and so does B!

  7. oh no!!!! I hope everyone heals quickly

  8. oh no, poor baby!!!! and poor mama!! At least that day is well behind you now!


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