Monday, November 11, 2013

Countdown to Christmas, Post 1

It snowed today! And it actually stuck :-) Not much, but enough that I look out and see white, which is getting me even *more* in the mood for Christmas!

So today I thought I'd share a little about my plan for the girls this Christmas. I like to be mostly done shopping by December! I hate crowds and feeling rushed at the last minute. I don't care if everything gets's worth the extra money to me to just be done!!

So here is Countdown to Christmas, Post 1 !

At our house Christmas is a big deal---my favorite holiday! I'm not religious anymore so I focus on the tree, decorations, music, treats, Santa, and presents pretty guilt free  ;-) And Lee reads all the religious Christmas stories and does the nativity scene decorations---so the girls get the best of both worlds hehe.  And of course for the girls they are out of their mind excited for Santa! I know that their time of believing is limited so I try to make it super exciting for them....they are at a fun age and I'm going to enjoy it while I can, before they start asking for gift cards and money to buy boring teenager stuff haha.

Ok, so here's my current plan of attack for Christmas gifts this year! ****The links below are not where I purchased should shop around for the best prices!**** I plan to focus on sprucing up some of their favorite toys this Christmas, for example:

Favorite toy 1: Lalaloopsy  ....they play with their lalaloopsy stuff quite a bit so I bought them another "house" to make everything a little more exciting again. Mini lalaloopsy oopsie playset

Favorite toy 2: Wooden dollhouse.....they go in stages of playing with this a lot, and lately seem to be quite interested in it again. I love the quality of this thing and plan to save it for my own grandchildren, so I don't mind putting some more money into it. It's timeless. So I bought them this awesome car and also these pets.  I haven't purchased this yet, but I intend to still get this playground as well.

Favorite toy 3: Barbies. The girls LOVED Barbies but they are still so young that they are pretty hard on the stuff, and it's all so cheaply made. So far I bought them a couple cheap outfits and then might order a couple dresses on Etsy like this Dora one for Brielle. Other than that I will probably hold off on more Barbie things until they are a little older and take care of it more.

Favorite toy 4: Baby dolls. My parents are taking this over. They are pimping out the girls' baby doll corner haha. They are each getting a sit and stand stroller and also the matching carseat and base (this stuff is just like for real babies...they are going to flip haha. I forsee myself needing an extra 20 minutes to get out of the house though, after needing to now load and buckle their dolls in the car I'm sure :-P) Then they are getting wooden doll bunk beds and a doll table and chairs to share.

And that brings us to my big dilemma! Typically the girls fixate on one thing they *really* want each year, and I have Santa bring that. Last year Santa brought their new kitchen set. Well this year they both really really want this stupid toy haha. They've been obsessing over it for months because the commercial is always on TV. I don't want to spend $80 buying 2 of these stupid horses that I'm 99% sure they will only care about for 5 minutes! But isn't Santa supposed to bring your dream toy?! What do you all do?

Ok, we'll end it there for now. Hope maybe this helps someone who is also starting to brainstorm ideas! My next Countdown to Christmas post I'll take about my plan's for Twinkle the Elf's return....we're going big this year since both girls really "get it" ...I can't wait!


  1. We are doing Elf on the Shelf again this year (I think this is our 4th year?), but he is bringing a GIRL Elf for Autumn this year on the first day! Also, I need to plan out gifts like you have... I just finished shopping for Autumn's bday (it is next week) and I only have one Christmas gift for her, a rainbow loom.

  2. That's the exact one R wants! She asked for it for her bday & Grandma got her one but it wasn't the exact one. She does play with it all the time! I say go for it if that's what they want. You are right that they are only going to really enjoy Santa for a bit longer so I say just do it. :-)

  3. Loving the doll house stuff.
    My mom is getting Keira baby doll accessories too, she's going to flip out.

  4. We try to stick to the 5 gift rule from us (something they need, want, wear, read and something homemade) and then Santa does the rest. I've been buying little things all year long for Santa gifts and will do the bulk on Black Friday. My oldest is getting the pony since both girls can play with it and my youngest is getting a few smaller ponies aka babies.

  5. You are so ahead of the game. Each year I say I'm going to be done Christmas shopping early, but always end up doing late online shopping.
    I'm already dreading the day M asks for things I know will never be used/ played with.

  6. Love all your ideas (our girls are so similar, but thankfully Ava hasnt' seen that pony!). I haven't even made a list yet...


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