Friday, November 1, 2013

Halloween 2013

The weather wasn't great but we had fun! It stopped raining *just* as we headed out trick-or-treating last night, so I didn't take any pictures. It was already dark and with everything so wet I didn't feel like it LOL. The girls had fun though and got tons of candy. And as Brielle has been telling everyone, "we had two big titties following us...two giant titties!" and on and on the way, she means *kitties* lol....there was a cat who went house to house with us (she was convinced it was two different cats, but pretty sure it was the same one the whole time).

Yesterday morning though Raya had a little preschool party and I did snap a couple pictures at that....enjoy!

Finding Raya is like playing Where's Waldo? :-) We were missing a couple kids in the pictures. The popular costumes in her class were princesses for the girls (there were 3 or 4) and Ninja Turtles for the boys (there were 3).

This is Raya's self-proclaimed BFF ..they chose to sit together so the feeling seemed somewhat mutual, although being typical 4-year-olds I'm not sure they really talked at all haha...just eating cookies in close vicinity reinforces BFF status I guess ;-)

And today has been pretty much a nightmare of fighting and tantrums.....gotta love the post sugar high CRASH :-P


  1. I hate going out in the cold yuck weather too. I was lucky and got to follow along in the van while Joe ran around outside with the girls. :-)

    1. Lee followed us with the van...which was pretty funny b/c he was dressed like one of the guys from Duck Dynasty, so he had long hair, a huge beard, black stocking cap, etc...creepy guy driving slowly, following little kids....I'm surprised no one called the copy on him! ;-)

  2. I didn't take any pictures of the girls actually trick or treating cause it was super dark but I got a few before we left. We only went to like 10-15 houses and the girls were totally ok with that.

  3. That last picture of Raya is awesome. Both just chowing down, and zero interaction. HA!
    Today has been no fun here, too. And, M only had two tiny pieces of candy. Yikes.

  4. Cute class photo! I had two class parties yesterday and I was so tired by the time trick or treating started... but, it was nice once the rain stopped and they got their candy load!!


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