Thursday, November 7, 2013

"I'm not tired" she said.

Yesterday the girls wanted to do "something special" so I told them that after preschool I'd take them to the mall for pizza and to play. Well, about 10 minutes from the mall my back right tire *exploded* (two days after it was in for a full inspection as part of the warranty!). The funny thing is that I didn't even really notice when it happened. All the sudden I heard a loud rumbling but I pulled off the road and didn't hear it anymore, so my conclusion was that the road was really rough lol...and I drove another 1/2 mile going 50mph before I pulled over again and got out of the van----and saw nothing but a few loose hanging shreds of tire on the rim---oops. Luckily the rim was fine and I hadn't damaged it.

So Daddy to the rescue! I called him at work and in about 15 minutes he was putting on our spare tire. Then he bought us a couple new tires (and  the tire place had to patch the front one b/c there were nails....Lee's guess is that the other day for my farm photoshoot I drove through some nails somewhere haha), took us to lunch, took us back to pick up the van, and 1.5 hours later we were headed to the mall to play again and Daddy was back to work. :-)

So that was our exciting Wednesday!

Brielle has pretty much given up nap time in the afternoon, but yesterday on the way home she fell asleep in the car. When we got home I asked if she wanted to go to bed and she said "I'm not tired! I don't wanna take a nap!"

And yet within seconds this was the scene on the couch....

Sleeping beauty ....look at those lashes! :-)
I've got a 3 month old coming for an indoor shoot today and then twin seniors after that doing some outdoor pics, so another busy Thursday!


  1. haha thats so cute!! I wish Hudson could just fall asleep places. I think its happened only like once ever. usually he just gets grumpy :/

  2. look at those rosy cheeks! love it.

  3. glad y'all are okay & sleeping tot pics are my fav

  4. Seriously, those lashes!


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