Saturday, November 16, 2013

Little Gymnast --A movie!

So on Friday Brielle was told that after Christmas she can move to the next gymnastics level, that is for kids as old as 6 years old! We go on Friday mornings when school is in session though, so the class looks to be mostly 4 year olds I'd guess (I watch them practice but don't know their exact ages). I'm so proud of Miss Brielle! She will no longer be in the mommy and me class, but all by herself. She will be the shortest student by at least a foot haha. Hopefully she does well!

I should preface this by saying that in the mommy and me class they don't do anything too earth shattering. However she really does stand out from the other kids in her current class because she is usually the only one actually participating! The other kids are usually running all over doing their own thing/playing, and Brielle really does the things she"s supposed to do. The other kids' moms are usually right by them helping them do everything and Brielle is very independent. She can walk the balance beam by herself really well, climb up on the bars by herself, dangle from the bars and the rings (she's strong!) and her star trick is the "table top"....none of the other kids in her class even attempt this, but she's really good! It doesn't look like much, but for her age it's pretty hard for them to figure out how to contort their body this way.

So check out her video of her doing the tabletop! (She also attempts hopping on one foot---still too hard for her--- and a somersault hehe. These are skills she will work on in the next level, along with a lot of other things. Basically the next level means she's ready to start learning *actual* gymnastics, and not just play around with mom on the stuff.)


  1. Love the video!! It's nice to see your girls in action! Go Brielle! I can't wait to get Taryn back into gymnastics... someday!

  2. Way to go Brielle! Her summersault is way better than mine! And, seriously, hopping on one foot can be kind of tricky. :)


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