Sunday, November 24, 2013

Meet Kovu and Kiara!

**If you haven't read my earlier post yet be sure to check it out---I broke my foot and Brielle knocked out her tooth, so it's been crazy around here! Add to that our two new cats that came home on Saturday and we're all a little nuts! :-)

Here are the newest members of our family---Kovu and Kiara!

Saturday night when they got home we got them all set up in the bathroom for their "home base." Then we introduced the girls to them there, where it was a smaller area and they weren't so overwhelmed. Miss Kiara LOVES the sink!

Then we let them explore upstairs. We learned that Kovu loves to play with this toy!

Kovu (the darker tiger cat) seems to be the more skittish one as far as trying to catch him. But once you catch him he is super friendly and loves to cuddle. And he is also super playful! I also think he's the prettiest of the two ;-)

Kiara (the lighter calico mix) is extremely friendly and well mannered. She lets the girls do just about anything to her! She is the girls' favorite, simply because she's a girl :-P She loves to play with the laser light! She's also bigger than Kovu, and we keep joking she looks kinda pregnant (she does!) but she was spayed and the boys were neutered, and she never left the garage at her old owners house, so hopefully she just likes to eat ;-)

My mom was over to our house the first night, bringing the girls back home...she thought they were super sweet kitties too!
Grandma Donna and Kovu
Raya just couldn't get enough of them---especially Kiara. She is officially in love and cat obsessed!

And now some pics from day 2! The cats slept great in the bathroom all night...never made a peep and didn't get into anything! The girls woke up and immediately got to playing with them again.

Kiara is such a good sport. Raya literally starts to bawl if we tell her she needs to put the cat down for 5 minutes....she wants to hold her all the time!

THis morning she started calling for me to come in the bathroom...I got there and saw this lol.

She was making Kiara dance!

Watching cartoons together

Poor Brielle. Her mouth is really swollen from her fall and she looks like she was in a bar fight or something! haha. She is supposed to see the oral surgeon tomorrow...

Raya was reading Kiara a book

The cats like to sit at the top of the stairs and listen for our dogs haha. So far the dogs are quarantined away from the cats.

She likes to carry Kiara like "a baby"

Toothless smile girl in the background makes me laugh

Watching a show before bedtime!


  1. so cute!!!! The darker one looks like our cats.

  2. I saw your post about your foot being broken, but didn't have a chance to comment! Ugh! I am so sorry to hear that! What a pita, esp. before the holidays! Hope you have a fast recovery! My friend's daughter knocked her tooth out early, too! At least it is a baby tooth, but ugh! What a day you had! I love your new kitties, we have 2 cats that we just adore at our house.

  3. Cats are awesome additions to the family! Looks like you have two really good kitties!

  4. How cute, I love all these pictures. I like cats but Jason doesn't, even though we use to have one pre babies. Love the names

  5. It looks like the cats are fitting in so well! That's great! I love the picture of Raya right in the sink with her new cat! :-)


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